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Beelzebub 1128

Posted by Jed on 9th October 2011


As usual rich vocabulary and diverse clue styles… love the original word in 23d … grrrr

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Independent on Sunday 1129 – Glowworm

Posted by Uncle Yap on 9th October 2011

Uncle Yap.

A few hard-boiled eggs too many in this Sunday competition puzzle which I found to be more of a drag than a piece of entertainment. Some of the devices may not seem fair but then, anything goes in a competition puzzle; or should it?

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Everyman N° 3,392 (2nd. October 2011)

Posted by PeterO on 9th October 2011


This would have made for a pleasant Sunday afternoon, except that I finished it Saturday evening.
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Azed 2053 – ‘Wrong Number’

Posted by Andrew on 9th October 2011


“Wrong Number” is one of the older types of “special”, dating back at least to Ximenes. These puzzles can be hard to get started on, because you have to solve a lot of clues “cold” before the crossing letters start to be any help at all. My strategy, in combination with the advice given in the preamble, is to start by separating the clues according to the lengths of the answers. In this puzzle this reveals that there are six clues each with answers of lengths 4 to 9, meaning that the grid is rather unusual too: normally the distribution is less even.

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