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Private Eye / Cyclops 453 – Rat-proof Flatmate

Posted by beermagnet on October 10th, 2011


This was one of the fastest solves of an Eye crossword for some time.

Everything slotted in steadily from start to finish with none of the clues holding me up for any appreciable time. Even the long Cryptic Def. answers that I couldn’t cold solve became clear after a few crossing letters.

How does a mathemetician change a light bulb?


6 SQUATTER Occupier – one in a position to do the business? (8)
Double Def. one of an appallingly scatalogical nature (Didn’t stop this being the first answer read and answered)
9 ORPHAN Oprah’s outburst at end of transmission: “Could be Annie!” (6)
(OPRAH)* AInd: outburst, then [transmissio]N. Def. ref. Little Orphan Annie
11 REFUSENIK “Rubbish Clegg broadcast – he won’t obey the rules!” (9)
REFUSE (Rubbish) NIK (“Nick” – Clegg broadcast)
12/24/1 STATE OPENING OF PARLIAMENT All that fuss and ceremony just to get one’s member back in action? (5,7,2,10)
Cryptic Def. for a long answer, for which some may have cold solved, but for me a few crossing letters were needed to prompt Parliament
13 RAT-PROOF House’s top stupid prat takes lead (able to withstand attentions of a certain pest) (3-5)
ROOF (House’s top) then (PRAT)* AInd: stupid
15 ABREAST One needs to get knockers alongside (7)
A (one) BREAST (knockers) Def: alongside
17/23/10 MORNING AFTER PILL Belated protection for those seeing the light after a one-night stand? (7-5,4)
Is this best described as a whole clue Cryptic Def., or can it be split into Def: Belated protection, and Wordplay: MORNING (seeing the light) AFTER (after) PILL (errr. is there any sense in which a one-night stand is a pill?)
20 FLATMATE Even shag to get someone to share the rent? (8)
FLAT (even) MATE (shag) Smooth surface to this clue.
22 THETA Character of that bastard grabbing Clegg’s focus (5)
[cl]E[gg] inside (THAT)* AInd: bastard. Def: Character
27 AKIMBO Am I OK getting screwed round back of pub adopting Peter Pan pose? (6)
(AM I OK [pu]B)* AInd: screwed.
28 RESCUERS They deliver, er, kinky sexual initiation, ball prodders (8)
RE (ER)* AInd: kinky, S[exual] CUERS (ball prodders – as in snooker). Def: They deliver
I’m calling “kinky” an anagram indicator because I simply cannot think of it as a reversal indicator even though that is all it’s doing here. Last clue solved.
2 STARKERS Exposed, Nick, finally collared by peer, starts to regret “sharing” (8)
[nic]K inside STARE (peer – as in look) R[egret] S[haring]
3 CORSET Wow! Fix helps gut from protruding (6)
COR! (Wow!) SET (fix)
4/26 OPEN VOTE Eve on top when getting screwed: a quite democratic exercise of a citizen’s right? (4,4)
(EVE ON TOP)* AInd: getting screwed. That the def. includes “quite democratic” refers to the loss of impartiality when other people know how you vote, the secrecy of the ballot is required for true democracy
5 BANK LOAN No Balkan activity such as was once recklessly encouraged by RBS, etc? (4,4)
(NO BALKAN)* AInd: activity.
7 QUITS Runs without leader, resigns (5)
[s]QUITS. Another botty humour clue, and the second answered. At this point I thought the whole grid might be a great steaming pile of …
Right has “no-can” Cameron dithering about start of fiscal change (6)
R[ight] (CAMERON – CAN = MERO)* AInd: dithering, around F[iscal] Def: change
14 RENDEZVOUS Balls raised by unknown amount in nervous scrambling, then come together (10)
ED< (Balls raised – that Ed again) and Z (unknown amount) inside (NERVOUS)* AInd: scrambling.
16 BOLLOCKS Throw up with hair balls (8)
LOB< (throw, up) LOCKS (hair) Def: Balls. This is a quintessential Eye clue: Disgusting surface reading. Profane answer. Scrupulously fair wordplay.
18 OUT OF USE From America, ultimately obese and not working (3,2,3)
OUT OF (From) US (America) [obes]E DEF: not working
19 BEGGAR Urge to enter Rod’s bum (6)
EGG (urge) inside BAR (Rod)
21 AMIGOS Mates using section of salami – go slowly! (6)
Hidden in salAMI GO Slowly
25 EMMY Cyclops has erection – wow, that should get an award! (4)
ME< (Cyclops has an erection) MY (Wow) Def: an award. Ah the return of the quintessential Eye crossword down clue reversal indicator

Mathematician: Gives the lightbulb to two physicists thus reducing the problem to a previously solved joke.

2 Responses to “Private Eye / Cyclops 453 – Rat-proof Flatmate”

  1. Bamberger says:

    28a also my last in -how do rescuers deliver? Deliver us from evil? Deliver us to safety?Hmmm

  2. Nick says:

    Deliverance is defined as the act of rescuing. So those that deliver are rescuers.

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