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Independent 7796/Eimi

Posted by John on October 11th, 2011


It seems to be ages since Eimi appeared, certainly ages since I blogged one of his crosswords. Everything was fairly easy today and it wasn’t the agonising Tuesday experience that I’d been fearing. There were some lovely anagrams and when I solved 15ac I suspected a cricket theme, since I know that although football is one of Eimi’s great loves, cricket also features a bit (as witness that excellent crossword a couple of years ago where Flintoff and Anderson featured), but apparently no; in fact I can’t see a theme at all.

A very pleasant solve today; there were some clues/answers I didn’t seem to understand properly, but my apparent criticism below is quite likely simply the result of ignorance.

5 C(HIN)UP — I wasn’t sure what a hin was, although I was vaguely aware of it — apparently it’s a Hebrew measure consisting of four or six English quarts, so as the clue says it’s a lot of liquid
10 V (E) NICE — def ‘city of culture’
12 LE(T)GO — I’m not absolutely sure how this one [Stop holding ton of bricks on the outside] works: it seems to be ‘Stop’ as the def; Lego is ‘bricks’ and ‘holding’/’on the outside’ says the same thing twice, and the ‘of’ is to be ignored. Which seems a bit of a mess — no doubt there is another way to parse it.
13 R(ANC OR)OUS{e}
14 PARTICLE PHYSICS — (cyclists happier)*
15 SACHIN TENDULKAR — (hearts in Auckland – a)* — very nice anagram, almost an &lit, since Tendulkar will have frequently broken hearts in Auckland, one of the New Zealand test grounds, but what does the ‘one short’ refer to? Is it the fact that he is on 99 international centuries? Or is it simply a vaguely cricketing reference (one run short)?
18 BRAIN TREE — 2 defs, one of them pleasantly fanciful
19 BADLY — b (Lady)*, clever anagram
21 KLIMTS — ({model}s {artis}t milk)rev. — I can’t quite get this [Models and artist finally get as much money as possible from returned paintings] to work properly: presumably the definition is ‘paintings’ and the ‘from returned’ is an indication that you are to reverse not paintings but the stuff that comes before it, something I’m less than comfortable with [Thanks Thomas99: yes it’s really pretty obvious and as suspected I was being feeble: see his comment @ 1]
22 FOR (SA) KEN — referring to Ken Livingston, and ‘without’ here means ‘outside’
23 STEADY — 2 defs, one of them referring to the fact that if B is a steady of A then A and B are an item
24 ETC. {t}HINGS
1 pictuRE GALleries — ‘Some’ is such a giveaway, pity, because otherwise a nice hidden
2 DEMETER — I’m not sure here: it seems to be me in deter, or possibly em in deter, but I suspect neither of these is correct [Stop measuring a Greek goddess] — or is it de-meter, where to meter something is to measure it? Yes that’s probably it, since Chambers gives this rather unusual sense of meter as a verb.
3 SELF-OPINIONATED — (food in Palestine)*
4 GENERAL STORE — generals tore
6 HIERONYMUS BOSCH — (economy his brush)*
7 NAIROBI — (Robinia)*
8 PLEASE SIR — pleases IR — that splendid sitcom of the Sixties, where all the schoolchildren were clearly far too old
11 IN OPEN REVOLT — (pro-Lenin vote)*
14 PUSH-BIKES — (Bush)* in pikes

18 Responses to “Independent 7796/Eimi”

  1. Thomas99 says:

    Nicely blogged. I can’t find a theme either…

    Re 21, the synonym of “milk” is “get as much money as possible from” and the indicator is simply “returned”, surely? The indicator coming after the stuff to be reversed is normal, isn’t it?

  2. flashling says:

    If you buy the dead tree version there’s been quite a substantial 1ac…

  3. eimi says:

    To quickly put the Nina and theme hunters out of their misery, you can stop looking. This is a vanilla crossword, albeit with a bit of an arty flavour, and the key clue here is 1 Across, which is why I put it in today.

  4. eimi says:

    What he said

  5. Richard Palmer says:

    Liked the crossword but hate the redesign. It doesn’t affect the crossword, but I liked the separate Viewspaper which enabled my wife and I both to read a section in the morning. In incorporating the Viewspaper (which I found the most interesting part, apart from the crossword of course) into the main paper it’s been shortened from 3 pages of comments to 2 and 1.5 pages of letters to just 1. Worst of all is the printing of large blocks of background in the colour the paper turns after several days left out in the sun, which negates the more readable fonts.

  6. UncleAda says:

    12 across – definition is ‘stop holding’ (= let go)

  7. nmsindy says:

    Pleasing puzzle, not too hard. ‘Dead Tree’ purchasers will have noted that all the existing puzzles remain in the ‘redesign’ with a Codeword puzzle added.

    BTW, I think the ‘one short’ in the Sachin T anagram may just refer to the anagram and nothing more.

    Thanks, eimi, and John.

  8. anax says:

    Very good to see the boss given an outing again, and a hugely enjoyable puzzle. I didn’t look for a theme – the giveaway was the expansive grid with 6 long entries.

    12a LET GO is cleverly worded. “Stop holding” is the def, then it’s T (ton) with “of bricks” (adjectival) for LEGO on the outside. Not a superfluous word to be seen.

  9. Paul B says:

    Hear hear, and proof positive that puzzles don’t *have* to be themed to good or interesting. But hell, it can be tempting …

  10. Pelham Barton says:

    15ac: Is not the “one short” the indicator to remove one of the three As from the anagram fodder?

  11. Kathryn's Dad says:

    I was thinking myself that we hadn’t had an eimi for a bit. I really enjoyed this one – the long anagrams were very clever, and as usual with this setter, a good variety of subject areas on show.

    The only one I didn’t get was KLIMTS, neither knowing the artist or being capable of figuring out the wordplay. I agree with nms about SACHIN TENDULKAR – simply that the anagram fodder is ‘one short’, ie without an ‘a’.

    Thanks for blogging, John.

  12. Kathryn's Dad says:

    If it’s not too off-topic, and since eimi’s around, can I just ask if anyone else has had problems downloading the Indy puzzle from the site in recent days? I keep getting error messages.

  13. Quixote says:

    I too enjoyed the puzzle much more than the paper. (How good to have a decent grid too to help us along!) I notice that Virginia Ironside’s column has been severely reduced. Having won a lot of wine by offering advice as an agony uncle, I think I’ll be lucky to repeat my success with only two readers contributing!

  14. flashling says:

    @13 Don, never thought of you as an agony uncle (well except when you broke a finger playing cricket :-) )
    Thanks for the fun Eimi, still think a nina last friday would have been fitting even if you hadn’t done today’s 1ac.
    My first reaction was “is the weekly order changing again?” we’ll see perhaps. My feelings about the redesign, hmm makes the Indy going downmarket from the front becoming a red-top which will disappoint those looking for the Sun.

    Thanks for the blog John to confirm Klimts as I only solved it through the wordplay.

  15. eimi says:

    Thanks to all for comments and John for the blog. I’m afraid I haven’t ever worked out how to download the puzzle, so I’ll have to rely on others to answer K’s D’s query.

    My first concern for the redesign is for the crossword and I’m very happy that it has a much more legible font and that the setters’ names are more obvious.

    As for the rest, I don’t like the front page (too bitty), but I like the new redtop masthead. I also approve of the increased use of colour pics. The paper had become very dull, possibly to accentuate the difference between the Indy and the i. Like Richard, I used to separate my viewspapers and have a stash of them in my bathroom, whereas the news section gets recycled more quickly. And I think it’s the features and comment sections that will ensure the survival of print newspapers, not the news parts which are already out of date as soon as the paper comes off the presses with so most people having so many alternative means of getting the latest news.

    So two cheers for the 1 Across from me.

  16. flashling says:

    @kd and ref Eimi #15 are you referring to getting the puzzle from the the indy’s web site or trying a backdoor? I used to have problems with the indy’s site but they’re now solved in IE9

  17. ele says:

    The Crossword Solver download seems to be working OK. I used it yesterday.

  18. Allan_C says:

    Well, I can’t comment on the 1a of the dead tree version having just switched to the i; but as far as downloading is concerned (I still like to do crosswords in hard copy form) I can confirm ele’s comment that the Crossword Solver download works OK.

    And if it’s not off topic, are the cryptics in the i recycled from the Indy? I understood that they are, but I don’t recall having previously seen/solved the ones encountered so far.

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