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Inquisitor 1198 – What? When? by Schadenfreude

Posted by Hihoba on October 19th, 2011


I found this one “challenging” (i.e. very difficult!). It was worth persevering with, and would have been much easier if you spotted the theme early, which I didn’t. Had I read the paper on Friday and seen its banner headline, that would have helped a lot!

There were three types of clue.

The first type consisted of normal clues (though up to Schadenfreude’s usual high standard of difficulty with odd spellings and unusual words).

The second type, which I found most difficult, were clues to a word (or words) which did not appear in the grid. We had to remove a letter, and form an anagram of the remainder for entry in the grid. Mostly I found it necessary to find the grid entry first, then find anagrams of it + a “wild card”, using a computer aid. This set of sixteen clues were readily identifiable as the lengths given in the clue were one longer than the grid entry, so my first operation was to ring all the clue numbers where this was true.

The third type gave two definitions , from which you had to deduce two answers and choose one for grid entry. There was an extra word in these clues which had to be removed. I discovered from the first one I solved (OBERON and OPERON) that the two defined words differed by one letter. Much later it dawned on me that these were always barred off letters, and clearly the choice must be connected to the the phrase to be highlighted in the grid.

Finally there were 22 letters (16 “extra” from type 2 + six initials of removed words from type 3) which spelled out what had to be highlighted in the grid. I found these letters, and the resulting instruction, after finding the highlighted phrase!

The instruction telling us what was to be highlighted was: IN EVEN ROWS, A CENTRAL WORD. The central words turned out, after adjusting the necessary type 3 answers, to read THE INDEPENDENT TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY, SEVENTH OCTOBER. The first edition of the Independent appeared on Tuesday 7 October 1986, hence the title “What? When?”

Brilliant idea and construction from Schadenfreude, appearing on 8 October 2011, so only a day late!

Normal clues:

 Clue  Answer  Definition: Wordplay
 5  SCALAWAG  Good-for-nothing (alternative spelling of scallywag): A LAW ( a statute) in SCAG (heroin)
 11  ZEROTH  Precedent to first: [OR THE]* (variable or the) after Z (third variable – x,y,z)
 13  AUGURS  Guesses: [GURUS A(re)]*
 15  EIRENIC  Pacific: EIRE (country) + NIC(e) (mostly friendly)
 19  HOAGIES  Snacks (submarine sandwiches – what SUBWAY franchise!): HOA (stop) + GIES (Scottish provides)
 26  DEMODE  Unfashionable: MOD (member of teenage faction ) in DEE (river)
 33  ENCAGE  Put in prison: E(ast) G(erman) + ACNE (with spots) reversed
 35  RATTEEN  Rough fabric: TAR reversed (set on back) + TEEN (archaic word for injury)
 40  HADJ  Religious journey: HAD (taken) + J(uliet) (Romeo’s partner)
 41  SHANNON  Irish river: SHANNY (smooth fish) with ON for Y (not unknown on)
 45  SNOWY OWL  Nocturnal predator: [SLOW]* round WON (secured) + Y(ard)
 46  ASSES  Roman coins: ASSES(s) (mostly fine)
 1  DEATH ADDER  Reptile: [DATE]* (blind = obscure?) + HAD (endured) + DER (the German)
 2  BEGNAW  Bite: BEG (= bey – Turkish governor) + NAW (local no)
 3  TRUDGEON  Incorrect swimming stroke (should be trudgen): [DO URGENT]*
 6  CHEESY  Broad: CH(urch) + SEE reversed (meet up) + Y(ankee)
 7  LORDLIEST  Most like a ruler: [L(iberal) EDITORS L(ength]*
 18  LEYDEN JARS  Condensers: JAR (vibration) in [DENSELY]*
 20  INDIGENCY  Poverty: G(overnment) in INDIE (record company) + C(aught) in N(ew) Y(ear)
 23  TEAN  From somewhere in Ionia (Teos): (s)TEAN (unopened stone vessel)
 24  FEATHERS  Conditions: FEARS (alarms) round THE
 27  EVE  A female: (s)EVE(n) (cardinal number, stripped)
 30  ERENOW  Before this time: E(astern) + RENO (US city) + W(on)
 32  REALOS  Greens (German political party): REAL (genuine) + O(ld) + S(tyle)
 34  CHACO  Military headgear (same as shako): CH(eck) + CO(mpany) round A(dvanced)
 36  SHEN  Hands-on therapy: S(pecial) + HEN (female)


Type 2 clues – anagram of answer minus one letter: with Type 3 clues interspersed in blue

 Clue  Answer/Grid Extra letter/word Grid Anagram/ Answer 2 Definition(s): Wordplay
 1  BIDETS  I  DEBTS  Horses: BID (old fashioned command) + [SET]*
 12  EOLITH  Needing  OOLITH  A stone implement & grain
 16  IDENT  E  TIND  Short film: D(utch) + EN (nurse) in IT(alian)
 17  PEND  Violence  PEED  Once confined & went
 21  ETALAGE  E  ALGATE  Display: LA (look) in ETAGE (floor) (Acute accents omitted)
 25  THY  Naivety  SHY  Your & bashful 
 28  DEMETER  R  TEEMED  Goddess: MET (encountered) in D(Germany) + EER (at any time)
 29  DONA  O  DAN  Sweetheart: D(iamonds) + ON (assigned to) + A
 38  EVEN  Wearing  ETEN  Uniform & a giant
 42  HAMLETS  S  THELMA  Villages: LET (allowed) in HAM (amateur) + S(ection)
 43  COACTED  A  DECOCT  Once compelled: ACT (perform) in CO-ED (mixed school)
 44  OBERON  Classified  OPERON  King & a set of genes
 4  SOREE  E  SORE  A bird: SO (very good) + REE (male of ruff – wader)
 8  ANELE  N  ALEE  To do an embalming (not really, more an anointment!): HELENA (Bertram’s lover in Much Ado) minus H(usband), reversed
 9  IN WANT  T  WINNA  Desire: IN (at work) + WANT (a mole)
 10  TRAIT  R  AT IT  Trick: ART (crafty conduct) reversed + IT (the other!)
 14  PASTE  A  SPET  Thrash: PAST (ended) + (fiv)E
 21  FLAT  L  AFT  Smooth: FIAT (Italian car) with L(eft) for I(ndia)
 22  THEWY  W  THEY  Strong: W(hiskey) in THEY (some people)
 31  RANT  Orcadians  WANT  A lively tune & need
 37  SWORN  R  SNOW  Devoted: S(aint) + WORN (showing the effects of work)
 39  DEATH  D  THEA  A deadly plague: D.H. (das heisst – that is in German) round EAT (worry)






3 Responses to “Inquisitor 1198 – What? When? by Schadenfreude”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Can hardly object to them being a day late, when the Inquisitor puzzle always appears on a Sat in their weekend mag…

  2. mc_rapper67 says:

    Nice blog, thank-you Hi (or Ho?)

    Tough indeed – especially for a Saturday-only reader, who didn’t notice the celebrations – but very clever construction, and an enjoyable work-out.

    I floundered around for ages, and then stumbled on decOCT OBERon, while trying to work out if that was a B or a K, then spotted SEVENTH a little above, and worked my way up. Then took me a while to decode the phrase from extra letters – although as I had a completed grid by then, I guess the phrase wasn’t completely necessary…

  3. HolyGhost says:

    Lovely puzzle from a maestro. My solving experience fairly similar to Hi(hoba)’s.

    One thing that furrowed my brow until a very short time ago is 1a: BID = old-fashioned command. The CD-ROM (9th ed?) makes no mention of this, but now I see that Ch. 11th ed. marks this as archaic – what does the 12th have in store?

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