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Financial Times 13,820 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on October 20th, 2011

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Oct 10

A gentle puzzle from Mr Natural:-)

Nothing to worry about, just a nice starter of the week. Some familiar words (like CHAIRMAN which was similarly clued in the Guardian that Monday), some over-familiar constructions (BIGAMY, NUTS, PRESERVE) but all in all good entertainment.

1 REPAST Pop into lounge for a meal
    PA (pop) inside REST (lounge)
4 SIMPLEST The easiest word may be misspelt
    Would have been fun when Dante would have misppelt something :) ….
9 BIGAMY Generous girl having two husbands?
    BIG (generous) + AMY (girl)
10 ENVELOPE Cover note might be put into this
    Cryptic definition. As John Newman @1 says, calling this a Double definition is probably better
12 CHAIRMAN Yet he enjoys some standing at meetings
    Cryptic definition
13 CEMENT Join me in the money
    ME inside CENT ((the) money)
15 NUTS Stagger back, deprived of one’s wits
    Reversal of STUN (stagger)
16   SUPERVISOR Splendid face-saving feature for a manager
    SUPER (splendid) + VISOR (face-saving feature, part of a harness)
19 KEY WORKERS   Computer operators are indispensable members of the staff
    Cryptic definition
20 MAIM Mother, I’m seriously hurt!
    MA (mother) + I M
23 IN LIEU Not out to use deception to go to university in place of another
    IN (not out) + LIE (deception) + U (university)
25   OUTRIGHT Completely wrong direction
    OUT (wrong) + RIGHT (direction, as opposite to ‘left’)
27 THESPIAN The spell of time I put in as an actor
    THE SPAN (the spell of time) around I
    I liked this one, probably my favourite of the day.
28 ALLIED Everything that is finally told or related
    ALL (everything) + IE (that is) + [tol]D
29 RESENTED Need rest perhaps when taken ill
    (NEED REST)*
30 REPAIR Couple again seen in resort
    Double definition
1 RUBICON River crossed by burning bridges
    Cryptic definition
2 PAGEANTRY   Display for long time in food store
    AGE (long time) inside PANTRY (food store)
3 SOMBRE Gloomy doctor put in a sensitive spot
    MB (doctor) inside SORE (a sensitive spot)
5 INNS Is including two names for pubs
    IS around NN (two names, N[ame] plus another one)
6 PRESERVE Jam book under piano
    RESERVE (book) underneath P (piano)
7 ELOPE Make a run to clinch the match
    Cryptic definition
8 TWEETER Speaker of high tone
    Cryptic definition
    A tweeter is a “loudspeaker used in high-fidelity sound to reproduce the higher frequencies”.  Sounds like living in the Seventies or the Eighties, doesn’t it?
11 MAZURKA Muzak a right blend for music to dance to?
    (MUZAK A R[ight])*
14 BEAR OUT Confirm a wild animal has escaped
    Double definition with the second somewhat cryptic
17   SHANGRI-LA   Girl has an unusual idea of earthly paradise
    (GIRL HAS AN)*
    Nice simple anagram and it reminded me of a great Kinks song with the same title. Watch this: Shangri-La
18 HOMESPUN In-joke about southern rustic
    HOME-PUN (in-joke) around S (southern)
19 KNITTER One providing cast-off clothing?
    Cryptic definition
21 MATADOR Ring-fighter likely to produce a pass when charged
    Straightforward definition with a cryptic element added
    Not my last one in, but one that made me think rather deeply till the very end.
22 GRILLE Cook last of the cheese on part of the barbecue
    GRILL (cook) + [chees]E
24 LEEKS Loss of water, we hear, in vegetables
    Homophone of LEAKS (loss of water)
26 LAME Cooked meal of game


One Response to “Financial Times 13,820 – Dante”

  1. John Newman says:

    Thanks Sil. I couldn’t get CEMENT. Don’t know why, easy isn’t it?

    Shouldn’t 10 be double definition? “Cover” plus the cryptic “note may be put in this”.

    TWEETER bothers me a little. I wrote it in as I knew the straight forward definition. But it is not very cryptic is it? Isn’t the word high also meant to refer to a bird which tweets?



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