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Guardian Prize 25,454 / Araucaria

Posted by Eileen on 21st October 2011


As always, I was pleased to see Araucaria’s name on the Saturday Prize puzzle but was rather disappointed at how quickly I finished it – I like to savour these weekend ones. There are usually a couple of clues at the end where the parsing, if not the solution, presents more of a challenge. 12 and 26ac were new to me but easily verifiable in Chambers and the wordplay was straightforward enough.

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Guardian Cryptic N° 25,459 by Boatman

Posted by PeterO on 21st October 2011


I found this tough going; either I am not on Boatman’s wavelength today, or he is committing some remarkably loose constructions. Still, there is much to like in the puzzle. Any shortcomings in the blog are the result of spending most of my time unravelling the wordplay in 1A!
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Financial Times 13,830 / Falcon

Posted by shuchi on 21st October 2011


I enjoyed the light, elegant touch of Falcon in this offering. Straightforward except the bottom-right for me due to a couple of unfamiliar words, which I’m happy to have learnt.

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Independent 7805/Phi

Posted by John on 21st October 2011


Phi has as usual produced a very pleasing crossword, perhaps on the easier side — at any rate I found it to be so, although whether or not a crossword is easy seems to be something that varies for different people at different times.  Which is not to say that the Goodliffes and Biddlecombes of this world don’t whizz through, simply that it tends to be difficult to predict their precise time.  As Carol Vorderman used to say of the numbers game on Countdown with four from the top, it depends which way you go.

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