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Beelzebub 1130

Posted by Jed on 23rd October 2011


A smooth and enjoyable ride this week


dd = double definition      ( )* = anagram      { } = omit      < = reverse

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Everyman crossword No 3,394

Posted by Stella on 23rd October 2011


A slightly more difficult offering than usual this week from Everyman, at least in a couple of clues.
Even so, great fun, and the welcome chance to look up one of my favourite musical films.

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Independent on Sunday 1131/Poins

Posted by Pierre on 23rd October 2011


I found this quite a tough puzzle from Poins, but I didn’t help myself by initially entering a couple of wrong answers.  That could be because I decided to tackle it with a full tummy and glass of red after Sunday lunch rather than with a cup of coffee after Sunday breakfast.  Any road up, I’m interested to see what other solvers made of it.

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Azed 2055/all’s fair

Posted by ilancaron on 23rd October 2011

A fairly straightforward Azed — relatively speaking.  The usual frequent excursions to the BRB.  But must be said, Azed is rarely if ever unfair and this is no exception.

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