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Cyclops 454: Body parts

Posted by jetdoc on October 24th, 2011


Even for a Cyclops, this one abounded in anatomical references. A fairly quick solve for me — nothing in the clues really held me up.

8 PSALTERY Players pissed round toilet’s entrance — it took some pluck in the old days
*(Players); around T= ‘toilet’s entrance’. A stringed instrument
9 ORDEAL Tory no. 2 teamed with pisspoor, energy-lacking leader — nightmare!
O = Tory no. 2; *(lader), where ‘energy-lacking’ means you need to take an E out
11 WATER John leaves the battle site — wet!
Waterloo minus loo (‘john’ is a word for ‘lavatory’)
12 DRESSED UP Put a spin on Ed’s super balls-up, following Miliband’s last one
D = Miliband’s last one, *(Eds super)
13 PARASOL Pervy as a prole on getting end away producing UV protection device
*(as a prol), where ‘getting end away’ means remove the last letter before anagramming
15 BLADDER Blair broadcast dropped by summer — which peer takes the piss out of
BL[air], with air (=broadcast) dropped; ADDER = summer. Peer, in this case, is someone who pees, but does not necessarily have to be a member of the House of Lords.
17 CRACKING THE WHIP Very speedy article by Nick leads to arse-kicking
CRACKING = Very speedy; the = article; by whip = nick, in the sense of ‘steal’
19 VIETNAM Country’s massive performer of hot blow job consumed by energy
ETNA = massive performer of hot blow job; in VIM = energy
20 MATADOR Disposer of bull, thanks to party getting into arm twisting
TA = thanks; DO = party; *(arm), with ‘twisting’ as the anagram indicator
23 LEMON DROP Sweet old men, screwed by pro, having a turn
*(old men pro), with both ‘screwed’ and ‘having a turn’ as anagram indicators
26 FRANC The old Frenchman’s ready to kick butt off dictator
Definition: The old Frenchman’s ready, where ‘ready’ is money; the Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco, minus his last letter
27 SPARSE Being skimpy, what boxers might do — slacken elastic tops
SPAR = what boxers might do; SE = tops (first letters) of ‘slacken elastic’. Very restrained of Cyclops not to clue ‘arse’ here.
28 ET CETERA Two Tory leaders EEC trashed are ruined, and similar things
*(TT EEC are)
1 SPEW UP Something for a religious arse steeped in drink to heave
PEW = a seat in church; in SUP = drink
2 MASTURBATE Satisfy yourself young Mister Harry is to be heard
Sounds like ‘Master’ = young Mister; sounds like ‘bait’ = harry. “Laydees and gentlemen, please welcome Mr and Mrs Bates and their son…”
3 UTERUS Labour starts from here — true bastard American
*(true); US = American. Labour, as in childbirth, starts right there.
4/25 BRAD PITT Miliband, ultimately hollow, is packaged by whippersnapper as a big star
D = Miliband, ultimately; PIT = hollow; in BRAT = whippersnapper
5 PROSTATE On your back, scrubbing tip of todger? That should help with semen production
PROST[r]ATE, the missing R indicated by ‘scrubbing tip of todger’. The prostate gland (lotsa pics!)
6/24 DEAD MEAT You’ll be in grave trouble being so straight — mate indiscriminately!
DEAD = as in ‘dead straight’; *(mate). If you’re dead meat, you’re in trouble.
7 CLAPTRAP Balls gets not much applause, having coarse mouth
CLAP = not much applause; TRAP = coarse [word for] mouth. Definition: balls
10 VERBATIM About Rev. Blair’s capital cash dispenser: one inside’s reported with no change
VER = About Rev; B = Blair’s capital; ATM = cash dispenser; with I = one, inside. Definition: reported with no change
14 LANDMARK Monument? Come down to earth, Thatcher!
LAND = Come down to earth; MARK Thatcher. Just too ghastly to mention any further!
16 DEHYDRATED Howe, leader-wise in awful dread yet, departs (the “wet” having been got rid of)
*(H dread yet). For those who remember 1990, Geoffrey Howe
17 CIVILISE Bring some culture to Channel Islands Elvis impersonator, initially crap
CI = Channel Islands; *(Elvis I)
18 KINDNESS Charity gives Brand head
KIND = brand (not Jo or Russell); NESS = head
21 TUFFET A certain nursery rhyme miss’s mound? Express disapproval and eff off inside
*(eff) in TUT. Little Miss Muffet sat on one, also known as a pouffe.
22 RECTAL Related to the place turning out shit claret (canned)
*(claret), with ‘(canned)’ as the anagram indicator. ‘Related to the place turning out shit’ is the definition. What can I say?

This week’s joke is a link, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet: Bradley Walsh losing the plot

4 Responses to “Cyclops 454: Body parts”

  1. simon says:

    I had 8 across as Plastery, thinking that you added fibres (pluck) to plaster in the olden days. I now realise I was just a little off the mark with this! However, I too finished this one quite quickly – in a week.

  2. Bamberger says:

    I also had plastery until I couldn’t find it in the dictionary-hadn’t encountered psaltery.

    Re 2d, when introduced to his new headmaster by his parents as “our son Master ..” , the headmaster said “Don’t worry, we’ll put a stop to that-make him wear boxing gloves at night”.

  3. bridgesong says:

    Thanks, Jetdoc, for explaining one or two allusions that I hadn’t spotted. Can I raise a query about PROSTATE? Isn’t this an example of the confusion between prostrate, which means lying face down, and supine, which means lying on your back?

  4. jetdoc says:

    Strictly speaking, I think you’re right, Bridgesong. I hadn’t spotted that. Chambers also gives it, more loosely, as ‘lying at length, with the body stretched out; … lying at someone’s mercy; reduced to helplessness; completely exhausted’.

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