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Financial Times 13,834 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on 26th October 2011


A varied crossword from Cinephile with a few liberties thrown in to spark the usual heated debate ( ‘heated debate’ on the FT blog being a post with more than 2 comments).

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The Guardian No 25,463 / Chifonie

Posted by Stella on 26th October 2011


Sorry for the late blog, I’ve just got back from seeing my husband off for his first session of radiotherapy. I’ll do the puzzle as quickly as I can and write up a quick one.

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Independent 7809 by Crosophile

Posted by flashling on 26th October 2011


Crosophile reappears to give Dac a rest, only just done one from him in Sunday’s Independent of 3 days ago but I don’t think that’s giving too much away on that one, yesterday Quixote was having a little moan about 2/5 checking but there’s none of that today.

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Inquisitor 1199: In Attendance by Phi

Posted by kenmac on 26th October 2011


The preamble tells us that significant points (we’re not told how many) of a trajectory using a “33” (10 letters) and implied by a song are omitted from wordplay.  (Yikes, what the H does that mean?) Apparently the trajectory has an implied recipient! (It’s getting worse!) (to be written below the grid)  In 17 other clues, the wordplay  yields an extra letter not to be entered in the grid, which ask a question. (Ah, back to near normality, for these things.) And the answer to the question has to be highlighted using most of (!) the letters in a single row.

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