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Inquisitor 1199: In Attendance by Phi

Posted by kenmac on October 26th, 2011


The preamble tells us that significant points (we’re not told how many) of a trajectory using a “33” (10 letters) and implied by a song are omitted from wordplay.  (Yikes, what the H does that mean?) Apparently the trajectory has an implied recipient! (It’s getting worse!) (to be written below the grid)  In 17 other clues, the wordplay  yields an extra letter not to be entered in the grid, which ask a question. (Ah, back to near normality, for these things.) And the answer to the question has to be highlighted using most of (!) the letters in a single row.

Phi is one of my favourite setters and I found the puzzle reasonably easy to start with but I ground to a halt with 3 answers left. 18d, 31a and 31d took me ages to complete :-(

I had to go to Belfast for the day and solved most of it, with the help of my daughter, over a couple of pints of shandy.  TRAMPOLINE (the unclued word at 33) was about the last thing I managed to twig before leaving the pub and while driving home I found myself humming, “… there will be a show tonight on TRAMPOLINE …” Wow, that’s it, the trajectory spells out FOR THE BENEFIT (a9, b8, c7, d6, e7, f8, g9, h8, i7, j6, k7, l8, m9) and the extra letters generate WHO WILL ALL BE THERE? and the answer is (THE) HENDERSONS which occupies most of row 1. To fully understand it, you may have to visit the lyric, here.

The first three lines are:

For the benefit of Mr. Kite,
There will be a show tonight on trampoline
The Hendersons will all be there

From Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite from the Sgt. Pepper album by The Beatles. Apparently the song is entirely based on the poster, which can be found here.

Before I found the B(g9) I spent a lot of time looking for SOMERSET (somersault) as it is referenced in the song. It was a little disappointing to discover the trajectory as a “simple” bounce but then I guess a somerset would be difficult to represent in this kind of grid.

Incidentally, our setter, Phi, is none other than Paul Henderson and our new Inquisitor editor, Nimrod, is John Henderson.

Thanks Phi – a little tougher than your usual offerings ;-) but great fun nonetheless.

No. Entry Unclued/ExtraLetter Definition Wordplay
1 HENS Birds HE[ro]NS minus RO
(run out)
4 HIDER Concealed person Fell=skin=HIDE+R(iver)
8 SONS Boys SON[g]’S (air’s)
minus G(ood)
11 IDEE W Suggestion
(French: from Sarkozy)
WIDE (astute)+E(uropean)
12 VITACEAE Climbing plants AI (excellent: A1)
inside [n]ATIVE (no N(ew)) (anag: variant)
13 SHIRLEY Part of Croydon SHIR
(gathering)+LEY (meadow)
14 RHEA Satellite [ove]RHEA[d] (hidden: to some extent)
15 STRAVAIGED Wandered
(Scottish: Aberdonian)
(destroyed) with I (one) inside
16 OCHE H Position near
HOC (this)+HE (man)
17 OAKS O A lot of trees [b]OOKS (reserves) containing A
19 WOOS Invites WOO[d]S (clubs:
golf) D(aughter) leaves
20 GRETA (T) Scandinavian girl G(ood)+REA[son]
22 SANSERIF (E) Type S{econd)+ANS(wer)+R(ule)+IF
25 HIZEN W Japanese porcelain WHIZ (expert)+E(nglish)+N(ame)
28 NOVELESE Poor style VELE (covering:
veil (poetically)) inside NOSE (flair)
29 AERIE High point A+ERIE (large body
of water: lake Erie)
30 FARO (F) Card game A(ce)+R (king)+O
31 ARBS (B) Stock market
[m]ARS (damages)
minus M(oney)
32 LIFT (T) Encourage LIF[e] (long
sentence) (reduced)
33 TRAMPOLINE (unclued) (unclued)
36 ATOC Skunk If I (one)
A(ccepted) is added, makes ATOCIA (sterility)
37 ALENGTH I Stretched out ALIEN+G[o]TH (less nothing)
38 NICHOLAS Man I+CH(eck) inside
SALON (cultured group) (rev: revolutionary)
39 GENE L Collection of DNA GLEE (joy) containing N(ew)
40 SEXY L Fascinating LEX (law) ins ide SY (IVR: Seychelles)
41 NANNY Intrusive N(ew)+N(ationalist)
inside NAY (negative vote)
42 ODOR A Stink (US: GIs) OR (soldiers)
containing ADO (trouble)


No. Entry Extra/UncluedLetter Definition Wordplay
1 HISTOGEN Part of plant HIS (man’s)+GEN (information)
containing TO[p] (highest part (most of))
(anag: at sea)
3 SERRE Press close to SEE (witness) containing
R(eporters) (head) twice
4 HALAKAH L Legal element HALL+HAKA
(ceremonial dance) (rev: upset)
5 DIYA Terracotta lamp DIY (home improvement)+A
(incisiveness) containing U(niversity) (rev: overturning)
7 RAGGS Slates RAGS (newspapers) containing
8 SCREW EYE (E) Way of attaching rope W[hen]+Y[ou] (initially) inside
SCREE (loose rock)
9 NAEVOID Regarding birthmark NAE (denial: Scottish)+VOID
(appears) containing A(dvanced)
17 OSIER Willow O(ld)+REIS (twigs: locally)
(rev: piled up)
18 KNEES T Position of subservience K[ing] (heading)+STEEN (line) (rev: rising)
21 TREORCHY (T) Town in Wales ORCH(estra) inside [tou]R
[regal]E [countr]Y (final stages)
23 FLETCHER (T) Weapons supplier CH(inese) inside FLEER (mockery)
24 TOASTIE Sandwich ASTI (wine) inside TOE (member)
26 NAILERY Metalworking shop I+LEARN+[smith]Y (rear of)
(anag: redesigned)
27 FRINGED H With decorated edges FR(agment)+HINGED (bent)
30 FLANS (F) Desserts L[e]ANS (E(nglish) overlooked)
(taste in music)+ON (in operation)
32 LINGO R Language L(atin)+[r]INGO (drummer)
(presumably RELEVANT is a reference to The Beatles’ drummer, RINGO
34 MALA E Bad (Latin) MEAL+A
(excellent mark)
35 PAAN Stimulant PA (old man)+A+N(new)

3 Responses to “Inquisitor 1199: In Attendance by Phi”

  1. Hi of hihoba says:

    Excellent crossword & nice blog Kenmac. I found 31A&D very difficult too, and actually only solved them after finding the B in Benefit on the “trajectory” and had to correct the L of kneel to the S of knees.

    I found the trampoline relatively quickly, and my way in to the solution was via 32D, where the word RELEVANT was key. I googled “Beatles trampoline” and came up with the Mr Kite song straight away. I also found pictures of the interesting poster, bought in Sevenoaks by John Lennon, which led to the song. I heard on Radio 4 yesterday a reference to Pablo Franques, who was a black Victorian impresario in an age when there were few black people living in the UK and many of them were involved in entertainment such as circuses.

    I had missed the relevance of the Inquisitor Hendersons though!

  2. Phi says:

    I have wanted to use this theme ever since someone alerted me to the song (which I still don’t think I’ve heard), and I set out to do so just under a year ago, thinking it would be a nice theme that would be right up Mike Laws’ street. The additional thematic/editorial relevance was never anticipated, of course. There are, as the notes I think will make clear, three further Hendersons in the grid. I think there’s a typo in 31D in your grid, btw – clearly it was a nuisance…

  3. kenmac says:

    Hi Phi,
    You’re right about 31d in my grid. It looks like I typed ATOCIA instead of ATOC in 36a. I’ll correct that at home this evening.

    The other Hendersons, NICHOLAS, AARON and SHIRLEY??