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Financial Times 13,826 – Armonie

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on October 27th, 2011

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Oct 17

Time for a change: Armonie taking the Monday spot in the FT. On many occasions ‘over there’ (ie the Guardian blog) posters made clear that Chifonie (Armonie’s alter ego) would be a good setter for a Monday crossword. Well, here he is, in his other disguise.

The puzzle was pleasant enough, but Armonie’s style is based on a limited number of devices. In this crossword there were 20 charades and/or envelopes. Quite an overdose. For me personally, it was all a bit predictable, but there were – as ever – nice surfaces. The cluing was sound (a plus!), but unspectacular. Pleasant, but undemanding.

1 FUTURE Outlook could be tense
    Double definition
4 ACT OUT Represent a Tory solicitor
    A + C (Conservative) + TOUT (solicitor)
8 LUCINDA Girl is clear about new article
    LUCID (clear) around N (new) + A (article)
9 ORBITAL Gyratory piece in exam
    BIT (piece) inside ORAL (exam)
11 TEA SERVICE Ridicule rare defect in crockery
    TEASE (ridicule) + R (rare) + VICE (deficient)
12 ROSE Plant grew
    Double definition
13 FLYER Pilot’s father storing caustic solution
    FR (father) around LYE (caustic solution)
14 ARDENNES Ensnared Dicky in battleground
16 BAGPIPES Appropriate churchwardens’ instrument
    BAG (appropriate) + PIPES (churchwardens)
18   SKINT Without money family is thrown in street
    KIN (family) inside ST (street)
20 TRAM Vehicle in trading centre reversed
    Reversal of MART (trading centre)
21 IN GOOD NICK    Where one enjoys porridge that’s healthy
    Cryptic definition
23 ANANIAS An Asian becomes fated liar
    (AN ASIAN)*
24   DEBRIEF Get follow-up report from French lawyer
    DE (from, French) + BRIEF (lawyer)
25 ERODED Worn down journalist was carried inside
    RODE (was carried) inside ED (journalist)
26 AT ODDS Goes on about tax officer arguing
    ADDS (goes on) around TO (tax officer)
1 FLUKE Lucky break for fellow evangelist
    F (fellow) + LUKE (evangelist)
2 THIRSTY A number keeping sons dry
    THIRTY (a number) around S (sons)
3 RADAR TRAP    Soldiers launch blow for road safety
    RA (soldiers, Royal Artillery) + DART (launch) + RAP (blow)
5 CIRCE Siren left out of group
    CIRCLE (group) less L (left)
6 OMICRON Greek character very short in the leg
    MICRO (very short) inside ON ((the) leg)
7 TRANSIENT Train sent out for a short time only
10 MISASSIGN Wrongly give Military Intelligence crack troops’ warning
    MI (Military Intelligence) + SAS (crack troops, Special Air Service) + SIGN (alarm)
13 FRAGRANCE Scent badger in the country
    RAG (badger, as a verb) inside FRANCE ((the) country)
15 DISHONEST Destroy a street that’s shady
    DISH (destroy) + ONE (a) + ST (street)
17 PIMENTO Vegetable religious people take to
    PI (religious) + MEN (people) + TO
19 IGNORED Passed by ruin on ridge
    (ON RIDGE)*
21 IRATE Angry taxmen made nervous
    IR (taxmen, Inland Revenue) + ATE (made nervous)
22 CHEWS Charlie cuts and bites
    C (Charlie, phonetic alphabet) + HEWS (cuts)

One Response to “Financial Times 13,826 – Armonie”

  1. Bamberger says:

    I usually finish or almost finish the Saturday and Monday FT crosswords with a bit of electronic help but even with aids I got no more than halfway -maybe just unfamiliarity with Armonie.
    13a Not familiar with Fr=father instead of pa, pop and never come across lye
    21a Thought that porridge might be to do with prison but got fixated on stir.
    3d I don’t get dart=launch. I threw a dart is not I threw a launch. I darted out of the pub before the trouble started does not equal I launched out of the pub.
    5d Never come across circe
    15d Dish =destroy??
    22d Chews=bites?? I chewed the tough meat for five minutes before I could swallow it does not , in my book, equal I bit the meat for five minutes.

    Prefer Cincinnus and Dante (though can’t be bothered with Cinephile)

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