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Independent 7,811/Phi

Posted by Ali on 28th October 2011


Great stuff as always from the ever dependable Phi. Pretty tough in places, but all clues as sound as a pound. I can’t see anything hidden in the grid, though its shape suggests there might be something going on.

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Financial Times 13,836 /Styx

Posted by Gaufrid on 28th October 2011


This would have been a very quick solve had I not confidently entered ‘track’ at 12ac on my first pass through the clues only to change it to ‘trace’ when I solved 3dn. Still wrong as 1dn then proved to be impossible so it was time to think again. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 25,465 – Crucible

Posted by Andrew on 28th October 2011


A very enjoyable puzzle from Crucible with a number of answers (asterisked below – let me know if I’ve missed any) related to the phrase at 4,6. Not too difficult, but there are some unusual constructions in the clues, and perhaps one or two obscurities in the wordplay.

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