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Financial Times 13839 Jason

Posted by scchua on November 1st, 2011


A straightforward Jason, with some clever cryptic definitions and surfaces.  Thanks, Jason.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  Hidden connection in the picture sets.


1 Metal bands stumped by charges (6)

STRAPS :  ST(stumped, as in cricket nomenclature) RAPS(accusations,charges for an offence/wrongdoing)

4 Fellow like diminutive Edmund dieted? (6)

FASTED :  F(fellow) AS(like,as in “as in ….”) TED(diminutive,short for Edmund)

Answer:  The question mark denoting an extreme form of dieting?

8 Beef cut teacher, say, with learner round at home (7)

SIRLOIN :  SIR(how one might,say address one’s teacher) L(learner) O(round letter) IN(at home)

9 Sinatra could be a craftsman of his trade (7)

ARTISANAnagram of(could be) SINATRA

Answer:  It’s Francis Albert if you consider its obsolete meaning of artist, and if you equate artist to artiste.

11 Careful reprimand applied to a little food store (10)

DELIBERATE :  BERATE(scold,reprimand as a verb) placed after(applied to) DELI(short for,little “delicatessen”,food store)

12 Drink after time – that’s a porky pie! (4)

TALE :  ALE(alcoholic drink) placed after(after) T(time)

Answer:  A lie, or porky pie in rhyming slang

13 Cook a soft sweet (5)

FUDGE :  Double defn:  1st: As in “cook the books”, falsify accounts (of a company, say) almost always with no good or with criminal intent; and 2nd: A soft candy,sweet

14 Shorten sailor’s passage (8)

ABSTRACT :  AB’S(sailor’sable-bodied seaman’s) TRACT(a piece of writing,passage, usually on a religious or political topic

Answer:  The verb, meaning to shorten.

16 Support also floundering for union offer? (8)

PROPOSAL :  PROP(support) plus anagram of(floundering) ALSO

Answer:  Cryptically,? defined as an offer of union,marriage


18 A sailor’s westbound with this world record? (5)

ATLASA plus reversal of(westbound, in an across clue) SALT(sailor)

Answer:  Cryptically,? defined as a record,documentation of what’s on this world,earth

20 Soft song for duet (4)

PAIR :  P(piano, musical instruction to play softly) AIR(a tune,song – a famous one is played on a G string – on the musical instrument)

21 Black tree and dead tree rot (10)

BALDERDASH :  B(black) ALDER(any tree of the genus Alnus, related to the birch) D(dead) ASH(any tree of the genus Fraxinus, related to the olive and the lilac)

Answer:  A relatively restrained way of saying “Nonsense!”

23 Shout about men shifting offcut (7)

REMNANT :  RANT(shout,rave at – perhaps not what you do at the party of the same name?) containing(about) anagram of(shifting) MEN

Defn:  What’s left after the main pieces of a material to be used, have been cut off

24 Stock holder, perhaps, is beyond help with no head for counting (7)

PASTURE :  PAST(is beyond,gone) URE{“cure”,help for an ailment/problem minus(with no) “c”,initial letter of,head forcounting”}

Answer:  Cryptically,? defined as the place where stock,livestock are put,held for grazing.

25 Force husband to be part of faith (6)

THRUST :  H(husband) contained in(to be part of) TRUST(faith in someone or something)

26 Salad veg, in haste it goes off (6)

CELERY :  “Celerity”,haste,swiftness minus(goes off)it


1 Son covers fruit tree’s ooze (5)

SLIME :  S(son) placed before(covers, in a down clue) LIME(tree bearing that sour fruit)

2 Brought together, the Royal Academy and Liberal fibbed (7)

RALLIED :  RA(Royal Academy) L(Liberal, a member of the political party) LIED(fibbed,told a porky pie)

3 Like the royal spinster without a name? Hilarious! (9)

PRICELESS :  “princeless”,without a prince – descriptive of,like the unmarried,spinster royal princess minus(without) “n”,name

Answer:  Highly amusing.

5 Go along with a part of golf course needing a trim (5)

AGREEA GREE{“green”,a part of golf course, where one putts into the hole, minus(needing a trim) the last letter}

6 Tons write on the move about time in networker’s site (7)

TWITTER :  T(abbrev. for tons weight) anagram of(on the move) WRITE containing(about) T(time)

7 Unfortunately docks lead standoffs (9)

DEADLOCKSAnagram of(unfortunately) DOCKS LEAD

10 Greatest golfer, Ernie, is below standard in matches (9)

PARALLELS :  {ALL(everything,greatest possible) ELS(Ernie, S. African former World No.1 golfer, a favourite of crossword setters)} placed after(is below, in a down clue) PAR(a standard, such as in the number of strokes for a round of golf)

13 Company’s last word on closure for loft space (9)

FIRMAMENT :  FIRM(company) AMEN(the last word said in prayer) placed before(on, in a down clue) T(last letter of,closure forloft”)

Answer:  The sky or heavens, which we now know is just space – lots of it

15 Manage set flamboyantly for Lady Gaga, say (5,4)

STAGE NAMEAnagram of(flamboyantly) MANAGE SET

Defn:  A performing alternative for Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, who joins the ranks of Dino Paul Crocetti, Roy Harold Scherer, Jr., Brenda Gail Webb, Michael John Douglas, Eleanor Nancy Gow, Jerome Levitch, Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, John Eric Bartholomew…who?

17 Consort let cuff ride up (7)

PARTNERReversal of(ride up, in a down clue) [RENT(let,lease out) RAP(a blow,cuff)]

19 Frothy coffee daughter (European) gulped being a lively girl (7)

LADETTE :  LATTE{outside Italy, the coffee and steamed milk drink, with a layer of foam,froth – in Italy, latte just means milk, and the original, proper term is caffe latte, with the original drink made from heated milk which is not foamed.  Rightly or wrongly, latte drinkers seem to be a common target of scorn – to quote Wiki: “In Canada, a latte-drinker is the political representation of a left-wing ballet-watching bleeding-heart urban elitist (as opposed to an ordinary, Mainstream suburban and small-town hockey-watching Tim Hortons coffee drinker).“} containing(gulped?) D(daughter) E(European).  Not sure about the containment indicator – from the surface, the coffee is being gulped, which should make LATTE contained in DE

Answer:  The feminine counterpart of “the lads” who engage in “laddishness”, ie. young women who behave in a boisterously assertive or crude manner and engage in heavy drinking sessions.  So Jason is being generous with “lively

21 Reward bishop on openings for unrecognised Samaritans (5)

BONUS :  B(bishop, as in chess notation) ON US(initial letters of,openings forunrecognised” “Samaritans” respectively)

22 Drench a posy of flowers (5)

SPRAY :  Double defn.



7 Responses to “Financial Times 13839 Jason”

  1. grandpuzzler says:

    Thanks Jason and scchua. Regarding the pictures at 16ac: Woody Harrelson, Robert Redford and Demi Moore co-starred in the movie Indecent Proposal (1993).


  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Jason for a pleasant puzzle and scchua for the blog.

    10dn: I am not convinced that “Greatest” indicates ALL.

  3. Lenny says:

    Thanks to Scchua and to Jason for a welcome confidence-booster after my whitewash on today’s Times crossword. I was slightly bemused by “metal bands” for straps but Chambers does specifically mention it. Last in was Pastures where I had difficulty equating cure with help.

    I had the same problem as Pelham with All but Chambers gives “with all haste” and “in greatest sincerity” as examples.

  4. Lenny says:

    Sorry, I meant “in all sincerity”

  5. Jan says:

    Thanks, scchua. My SE corner was almost empty. I don’t think I’m having a good day because this puzzle left me as unsatisfied as Brummie’s in the Guardian.

    AS for your pics for 22d … I haven’t got a clue.

    Doris Day
    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
    Eric Morecombe
    Gosh – I know his face so well – whassisname?
    Elle MacPherson?

  6. scchua says:

    Hi Jan, sorry I wasn’t very clear about the pictures at the bottom. The (doubly) hidden connection is with 15D STAGE NAME. I gave a clue with all those unfamiliar names after Lady Gaga’s real name. I had intended solvers to match them with the faces and their stage names:

    Doris Day – Kappelhoff
    Dean Martin – Crocetti; and Jerry Lewis – Levitch
    Michael Keaton (as/in Beetlejuice) – Douglas
    Eric Morecambe – Bartholomew
    Rock Hudson – Scherer
    Elle MacPherson – Gow
    Crystal Gayle – Webb

    (late reply due time zone difference)

  7. Pelham Barton says:

    Lenny @3/4: Thanks for that.

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