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Financial Times 13,840 by Monk

Posted by PeeDee on November 2nd, 2011


Problems with my car have taken up most of the day, so a late and rushed blog.  I still have two I’m unsure of, any help appreciated.

I’m unsure of the answer to 17 Down and I can’t fully explain 14 down either.  I have to go out again now, so if you can help please leave a comment and I’ll update the blog when I get back.

7 Apple’s company guidelines rewritten with out-of-date content (6,9)

9 Problem in the air after it’s gone off (6)
HERNIA: (iN tHE AIR)* – with IT removed

10 Disperse unsettled August shower (8)
PERSEIDS:DISPERSE* – meteor shower

11 Approval – mine’s full of praise (7)
PLAUDIT: LAUD(praise) inside PIT (mine)

12 Bury old doctor by part of hospital? (6)
ENTOMB: ENT (Ear Nose snd Throat department of hospital) beside Old MB (doctor)

13 Literary quote contradicted by part of Britain (2,3,2,2,6)
NO MAN IS AN ISLAND: quote from John Donne, but the Isle of Man is an island (though according to Wikipedia not part of Britain)

16 Insight of a copper with teammates (6)
ACUMEN: A CU (copper) MEN (teammates)

18 Make-up one’s mother, covering a blemish (7)
MASCARA: A SCAR (blemish) inside MA (one’s mother)

20 Trade centre stocking some wild animal (8)
MARMOSET: SOME* (wild=anagram) inside MART (trade centre)

21 Begin to take shots over cheeky lad catching boundaries in Edgbaston (4,2)
OPEN UP: EN (boudaries of Edgebaston) inside O (over) PUP (cheeky lad)

22 Cliff, little lad, just follows rude song (11,4)
SCARBOROUGH FAIR: SCAR (cliff) BOy (little lad) ROUGH (rude) FAIR (just)

1 As tired and itchy divers might reach what’s needed (4,2,2,7)
COME UP TO SCRATCH: definition and cryptic definition

2 In paradise, all the best mammals (8)
EDENTATA: EDEN (paradise) TA-TA (goodbye, all the best)

3 Where digits may be present (2,4)
ON HAND: cryptic definition

4 Unravelling toilet paper, endless amount that keeps on going (9,6)

5 AC/DC group split in two (6)
BISECT: BI (bisexual, AC/DC) SECT (group)

6 Amusing lady and sister holding brief chat on it for a second, say (11,4)
FUNDAMENTAL UNIT: FUN (amusing) DAME ()lady TAL (endless talk) NUN (sister) and IT

8 Nationality of executed PM? (7)
ISRAELI: Disraeli with head chopped of (executed)

14 One covering stories about old, old dramatist (7)
IONESCO: Eugene Ionesco dramatist – possible explanation is I (one) on top of (covering) ONES (stories, eg ‘the one about the Englishman Isishman and Scotsman’) C (circa, about) and O (old).  Thanks to mike04 for explaining how ‘stories’ fits in.

15 Terminate holidays, not eating or drinking (5,3)
LEAVE OFF: LEAVE (holidays) OFF (not eating or drinking) – definition is ‘terminate’

17 For example, folk commit to race ahead of this commemoration (6)
MEMORY: when ‘folk’ is placed ahead of this we get folk memory’ where a race of people commit an event to collective memory.  I’m not at all sure about this explanation, can anyone do better? The clue gives example words that can be placed ahead of memory i.e. ‘folk memory’, ‘race memory’ and ‘commit to memory’ – definition is commemoration.  Thanks to mike04.

19 Wipe out bad smell in a couple of sewers? (6)
SPONGE: PONG (bad smell) inside SEwers (two letters of)

8 Responses to “Financial Times 13,840 by Monk”

  1. mike04 says:

    Many thanks for a blog today, PeeDee. I hope your car problems are over now.

    Today’s grid was an unusual shape, with only 22 clues.
    The 6 long ones were reasonably straightforward (for Monk), I thought.

    I finished quite quickly but stumbled at 14dn. Now I think ONES are the “stories”.

    In 17dn, I think the definition is COMMEMORATION and there are 3 examples
    of MEMORY usage: “folk”,”commit to” and “race”.

  2. mike04 says:

    14dn: as in “the one about the Englishman, the Irishman and the Scotsman”.
    17dn: I took it that “ahead of this” meant in front of the solution MEMORY (if correct).
    15dn: For OFF, Chambers gives “not eating or drinking”

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Monk for the crossword and PeeDee for the blog.

    14dn: I like Mike04’s explanation, which has the support of Chambers

    17dn: I also had this the same way as Mike04.

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    Apologies for poor editing in my comment @3. Please delete “gives one” after “Chambers“.

  5. PeeDee says:

    Thanks for the help finishing this. Pelham, your comment is updated as requested.

    My car is still in the garage, but I now have a courtesy car and so all the children and associated belongings have finally been restored to thier proper locations, so I can relax again.

  6. PeeDee says:

    Re 13 across: according to Wikipedia the Isle of Man is not and has never been part of Britain. Are there any Manx FT solvers out there who can verify this?

  7. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks for editing my comment @3.

    13ac: I am inclined to agree with you. Perhaps it would have been better if the clue had read “part of the British Isles”.

  8. togo says:

    Or, at a stretch perhaps – the ‘mainland’ of Britain (England,Wales and Scotland) is an island……….

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