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Financial Times 13,832 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on November 3rd, 2011

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/24 Oct

After last week’s Monday Prize Crossword (a smoothie by Armonie, which unfortunately didn’t call for many comments), we return to a familiar area with this Dante puzzle .

I found this a relatively easy crossword [and remember, at times I do struggle more with Dante/Rufus than with eg an Enigmatist – Enigmatist? Yes, that one! ]. Usually I do not look at grids very much, but this one was exactly the same as in the previous Dante. And the more I look at it, the more I remember me having problems with this grid, and with 11d and 14d in particular [though not today].

Many thanks, Dante!

1 ADORED Fuss about daughter having lover
    ADO (fuss) + RE (about) + D (daughter)
4 DESPATCH Bulletin carelessly pasted to front of church
    (PASTED)* in front of CH (church)
    The actual solution is an alternative to the more familiar ‘dispatch’.
9 AVERSE Opposed States open engagement
    AVERS (states, with a lower case S [which is a contradictio in terminis J]) + E[ngagement]
    In Crosswordland we are quite used to a false capitalisations. Unlike my PinC I have no problems with them at all. Yet, here I was very much misled, because I thought that ‘States’ might perhaps be US or just S.  Well done, Dante!
10 TOLERATE A love letter disposed to show forbearance
    (A O (love) LETTER)*
    What a nice anagram.
12 DISALLOW I’d turn a sickly colour and refuse permission
    DI (reversal of I D) + SALLOW (a sickly colour)
    Strictly speaking “a sickly colour” is not an adjective, but I see what Dante means: “I’d turn a sickly colour” as a whole taken in a similar way as for example “I see red” [I guess].
13 ASTHMA A maths formula which leaves one breathless
    (A MATHS)*
    It’s not just because I am a maths teacher, but this is one of these natural surfaces that make(s) Dante such a stand-out compiler.
15 NO GO Futile report on person lacking energy?
    NO GO (lacking energy, energy being GO), with the first part of the clue ‘cryptic’?
    Is the first part of the clue just cryptic?
16   YESTERDAYS   Yeasty reds drunk in the recent past
19 ATTRIBUTES Skills shown by artiste, but presented badly
20 OTIC Opposition leader, a jerk, is of concern to the listener
    O[pposition] + TIC (jerk)
23 TIFFIN Light meal for a pet at home
    TIFF (a pet, in its colloquial meaning of ‘bad mood’, I guess) + IN (at home)
25 BLUE MOON Once in a lifetime phenomenon?
    Cryptic definition
    The classic song ‘Blue Moon’ creeps up, but I also have to think of Ireland’s No 1 songstress Mary Black:  Once in a very Blue Moon.
27 NAUTICAL A lunatic, crazy about boats
    (A LUNATIC)*
    One of two very nice, um, nautical clues.
28 HUMANE Compassionate chap put in the shade
    MAN (chap) inside HUE (shade)
29 ANATHEMA   A song about a subject a person cannot stand
    {ANTHEM (a song) around A} + A
30 SEVERE Cut off head of enemy – being ruthless
    SEVER (cut off) + E[nemy]
    This is really a bit of a macabre clue, isn’t it? I am not that sensitive myself and I consider Dante to be a very peaceful man, but ….
1 ABANDON A group of musicians on leave
    A + BAND (group of musicians) + ON
2 OVERSIGHT Finished with a sense of failure
    OVER (finished) + SIGHT (a sense)
3 EASILY Lie, say, is found out without difficulty
    (LIE SAY)*
5 EROS His influence may make Rose change her name
    Not very convinced by the definition here. I think I understand Dante’s Way here, but even so.
6 PLEASURE Claims an old city quarter provide a diversion
    PLEAS (claims) + UR (an old city) + E (quarter, East)
    Shouldn’t “provide” be “provides” in this clue?
7 TRASH Refuse to start treating skin problem
    T[reating] + RASH (skin problem)
8 HEEHAWS Asinine utterances
    Not so very cryptic definition
11 COVER UP Conceal that the cost of insurance has risen
    Double definition
14 OTHELLO Moorish gentleman to rise with a greeting
    OT (reversal of TO) + HELLO
17 ASTROLABE   Navigation aid gives boats real improvement
    The second nautical clue and again one I liked.
18 DIMINISH Short skirt pretty girl’s about to make shorter
    DISH (pretty girl) around MINI (short skirt)
    With ?I?I?I?? in place, I was initially convinced this had to start with ‘mini’, but I could not justify ‘minimise’.
19 ANTENNA Feeler from a National Trust girl taken up
    A + NT (National Trust) + ENNA (reversal of ANNE (a girl))
21 CONCEDE Admit to swindle over grant
    CON (to swindle) + CEDE (grant)
22 DE LUXE Conclude Luxembourg is somewhat rich and elegant
    Hidden solution: [conclu]DE LUXE[mbourg]
24 FAUNA Rural deity heads a list of animal life
    FAUN (rural deity) preceding A
26 PALM Sign of victory on hand
    Double definition

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,832 – Dante”

  1. Bamberger says:

    Couldn’t get 9a,29a,30a, 17d, 24d 7 26d
    Was fairly sure 19d was fauna but didn’t know faun =rural deity.
    Thought 26d might be palm but still don’t see how a palm is sign of victory. Is it a reference to the black power clenched fist or the Nazi Seig Heil? Can’t get much more opposite than that!

  2. TonyP says:

    Re 26d Chambers definition of palm includes ‘a leaf of this tree carried as a token of rejoicing or of victory; emblematically, pre-eminence, the prize; a branch of willow or other substitute in symbolic or ceremonial use.’ and the Thesaurus includes palm of victory.

    New phrase for me too.

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