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Financial Times no.13,841 by ORENSE

Posted by Ringo on November 3rd, 2011


A great example of a none-too-tricky puzzle that was nevertheless great fun to solve. Nothing particularly arcane (although I did learn one new word); just well-crafted, creative wordplay. Thanks Orense.


1. POSITS  I [one, 1] within posts [situations]

4. COUSCOUS  Co(mpany) + u(sing) + scous(e) [Liverpudlian: a term taken from Liverpool’s signature dish] to give the North African staple

10. SHAREWARE  Anagram of her swear a to give a term for shareable software

11. ARENA  Hidden in prepARE NAtional

12. DIET  Ie [i.e., id est, that is] within d(entis)t

13. CELEBRATES  Anagram of steel brace to give ‘celebrates’ in the sense of ‘observing’ a holiday or festival

15. TRAPEZE  Cryptic definition (top signifying the circus ‘Big Top’)

16. THEIST  (Dayligh)t + heist [robbery] to give a believer in God

19. RESIDE  Re [on, about] + side [edge]: a superbly economical clue

21. PEERAGE  Peer [look] + age [mature]

23. ACCREDITED  Anagram of cited cadre

25. RIPE  Initial letters of R(eckoner) I(s) P(roof) E(nough)

27. ERASE  Eras [times] + e(xpress)

28. TERRORISE  Error [mistake] within anagram of ties

29. SWEETPEA  Wee [small] + t(ime) within spea(k) [talk] to give the climbing flower

30. REPENT  RE [Royal Engineers, soldiers] + pent [locked up]


1. POSTDATE  Post [letters, mail] + date [fruit]

2. STAGE NAME  Anagram of mensa get a

3. TREK  Reversed within ticKER Tape

5. OVEREAT  (C)over [insurance] + eat [worry, in the sense that something might worry or ‘eat at’ you]

6. STARRY-EYED  A playful double definition

7. OVERT  Over [done] + t(ime)

8. SPARSE  Spars [boxes] + e(nergy)

9. RACEME  RA [artist, member of the Royal Academy] + CE [church (of England) + me [compiler] to give ‘a type of inflorescence in which the flowers are arranged on short, nearly equal, lateral pedicels, at equal distances along a single elongated axis’, apparently…


14. REFINEMENT  RE [Royal Engineers, soldiers (again)] + fine [excellent] + men [people] + t(heir)

17. STABILISE  Stab [attempt] + I [1, one] + anagram of lies

18. TENEMENT  Men [people (again)] within tenet [dogma]

20. EPISTLE  Anagram of piste + le [‘the’ in French] to give something one might read

21. POETRY  Poet [Wordsworth, for example] + RY [railway (lines)], with the whole providing the definition

22. WAGERS  R(isky) within wages [salary]

24. CRATE  C [chemical symbol for Carbon] + rate [charge] to give a slang term for an old banger

26. DOLE  (Provide)d + ole [¡Olé!, cheer in Spain] to give what is now officially the Jobseeker’s Allowance


One Response to “Financial Times no.13,841 by ORENSE”

  1. Allan_C says:

    A nice pleasant stroll of a solve, though there were one or two clever misdirections – such as in 4a where it was necessary to separate ‘Liverpudlian’ from ‘dish'; the latter being the single word definition.

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