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Financial Times 13,842 / Hamilton

Posted by shuchi on 4th November 2011


I generally have mixed feelings about Hamilton’s puzzles and this was no different. I like the conversational surface of some clues like 21A, 15D, 19D but wasn’t too happy with a few others (details below).

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Independent 7,817 / Phi

Posted by RatkojaRiku on 4th November 2011


I found that I rather coasted through this one, more quickly than I would through most of Phi’s offerings: why is it that when one has lots of blogging time on one’s hands that things seem to fall into place that bit more quickly than when time is limited?! Purely psychological, I would imagine.

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Guardian 25,471 / Tramp

Posted by Eileen on 4th November 2011


I’m certainly not complaining today at having landed the third of a recent handful of a setter’s puzzles to blog! This time it’s Tramp and, in fact, this is only his fifth Guardian cryptic, so I count myself lucky.

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