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Independent 7812 by Tyrus (Saturday Prize Puzzle 29/10/2011)

Posted by twencelas on November 5th, 2011


Something topical from Tyrus,  I’d bet. What theme will reveal itself in this puzzle, I wonder?

I was n’t disappointed, there is a theme and it’s a political one. The thematic clues echoing many sentiments I have for some of the strange statements that have emanated from this country’s prime minister. The answer “Hug a hoodie” could well have appeared to augment the theme.

As it were we were treated to some exquisite clues, to ridicule the countries political rulers (specifically David Cameron).

The three multi-numbered clues echoed the sentiment of many in my part of this divided country – An “election manifesto” that could be ignored as the party did not receive a majority – as Tyrus says “it’s flexible – not right”;   “The Big Society” summed up in a definition of “Hey It’s Rubbish” and “We’re all in this together”  defined as  “Depends whether you believe it”.  There’s also Green, Out of work, Train fare and Exchequer to maintain the political theme.  The clue for 13 across looked political and was probably my favourite of the bunch – summing up the prospects of many in later life “Not much money saved one’s working to the end” – Now that is an AMBITION for us all in these times.

Thanks Tyrus for some lovely humour, albeit based on an unpleasant political situation.

As the G20 summit gets underway, I’m reminded of some words an Old Harrovian once said “Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few”.


* Anagram

Rev Reverse

DD Double Definition



1              Dog (Trouble) + leg (on) = DOGLEG (shape of 17th hole at St. Andrews old course)

5/14       (feelin’ to cameron it’s- r(right))* = ELECTION MANIFESTO (As it says the manifesto is flexible according to the current PM)

9              See 28

10           Come (be sensible) + Rev(St(way)) = COMETS (Space Travellers)

11           Rev (Set up (found) mostly)) = UTES (Trucks)

12           Noises (Reports) + off (bad) = NOISES OFF (is a 1982 play by English playwright Michael Frayn)

13           a bit (not much) around (indicated by saved) m (money) + I (one) + on (working) = AMBITION (To the end)

16           (Run to)* + d (bit of desert) = UNTROD (Unfrequented)

18           See 26

19           Bar (Save) + Racks (Storage facilities) = BARRACKS (Camp)

20           Firm (Concern) + at around (indicated by admitted to) Men (People) = FIRMAMENT (Sky)

23           (NHS + A (Andrew initially))* = NASH (Architect John Nash)

25           US (Country) + Fuel (with east moving) = USEFUL (Profitable)

26/18/27 (The wealthier + t (too initially) losing er)* = WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER (A well ridiculed phrase from our Etonian millionaire prime  minister)

28/9       (e +  b + I + c (starts to evaluate brilliant idea Cameron) + got hey its)* = THE BIG SOCIETY (Another wacky idea that people don’t really need to be paid to work!)


2              Cryptic definition =  ONSET (Start and where you would start shooting a film)

3              Rev (Col – Pass) + (k,m (two abbreviations for a thousand) + this)* = LOCKSMITH

4              Hidden aGREE Never = GREEN (Politician)

5              (elan (spirit) + y (why) + is)* = ELYSIAN (Heavenly – of the abode of the blessed dead)

6              Homonym of Ex checker (One no longer monitoring) = EXCHEQUER (Where the money goes)

7              Rev (Op (work) + Met (Force as in police)) = TEMP (Beat)

8              Ok (no worries) around (indicated by keeping)  (two four)* = OUT OF WORK (More are in a recession)

14           See 5 Across

15           In (home) + Shall (will) + a + h (bit of heating) = INSHALLAH (God willing)

17           Ran (managed) about I inside (after)* = TRAIN FARE (The cost of going)

19          oer (over) + w (woman) inside Bar (pub) = BOER WAR (Fighting)

21           Rife (really common) around (indicated by gets detention) l (student) = RIFLE (Winchester rifle)

22           Tort (wrong) about a = TAROT (Fortune teller)

24           old (used) in Si (Italian for yes) = SOLDI (Old coins)

6 Responses to “Independent 7812 by Tyrus (Saturday Prize Puzzle 29/10/2011)”

  1. Tramp says:

    A truly wonderful and entertaining puzzle.

  2. Lenny says:

    Thanks Twencelas and thanks to Tyrus for an amusing theme. I don’t think I have ever seen such a politically committed crossword before. I thought I would never get started on this but, once I got the first phrase, everything dropped out very quickly, with no obscure words amongst the answers. One obscure bit of general knowledge was required, the shape of the 17th hole at St Andrews, which is why the NW corner held me up a bit at the end.

  3. Wanderer says:

    Hurrah! My first ever completed Tyrus. I found this extraordinarily difficult (as I always do with this setter!) but a remarkable and brilliant set of clues.

    5/14 took me forever, as even after identifying the fodder, I noticed that it could produce both ECONOMIST and INFLATION which I tried to fit in the 9 letter light. MANIFESTO didn’t leap out at me for ages.

    28/9 superb.

    Many thanks twencelas for the blog, and to Tyrus for a wonderful puzzle. I have been waiting for some time to crack one of yours!

  4. Conrad Cork says:

    13 across, ‘ambition’ is a real virtuoso piece of cluing. So many gems here, but that one struck me as jaw-droppingly good. Great blog too twencelas.

  5. Tyrus says:

    Many thanks for the comments and to twencelas for the excellent blog.

  6. MikeC says:

    Many thanks to both blogger and setter. I was very pleased to complete such a challenging and rewarding puzzle – though I confess I needed this site to parse some of the answers!

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