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Beelzebub 1132

Posted by Jed on 6th November 2011


7 across was a cerebral stretch …. and 19 across not in Chambers …  splendid clueing

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Guardian Genius 100 / Paul

Posted by Gaufrid on 6th November 2011


Had I known that I was going to end up covering this puzzle I would have written the blog immediately after solving it. As it is, a month has gone by and my memory of it has become clouded due to solving a lot of other puzzles (and drinking a lot of whisky) in the meantime.

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Azed No 2057

Posted by bridgesong on 6th November 2011


A very enjoyable puzzle this week, which I polished off on Sunday afternoon.  There are two splendid & lit clues,  as well as two hidden answers, both for rather longer words than usual.  I am looking for suggestions at 4 down, where I can’t quite understand part of the clue.  In case you’ve forgotten the puzzle, here’s a link to the pdf. Read the rest of this entry »

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Everyman 3396/30 October 2011

Posted by Pierre on 6th November 2011


A bit of a chewy one from Everyman today, I thought.  Some words where I had to look up the meaning to be certain of my answer, and some stuff that people who aren’t as old as I am might have struggled to recognise.  But all clearly clued (except maybe one) and another pleasing Sunday morning puzzle as always.

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Independent on Sunday 1,133 by Eimi

Posted by Uncle Yap on 6th November 2011

Uncle Yap.

At last, a sensibly-pitched puzzle for the whole family to do while waiting for the Sunday roast. Eimi is to be commended for the care he takes in crafting his clues to produce some exquisite surface readings, using like elements and related fodder. Very entertaining puzzle that was also enjoyable to blog. Thank you, Mr Hutchinson

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