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Private Eye/Cyclops 455 – 50 Not out

Posted by beermagnet on November 7th, 2011


50th Anniversary of the Eye and I was half-hoping for a special Cyclops.

What did I get? A relatively easy crossie made hard by being printed in the fuzziest print I’ve seen since I broke my John Bull printing set.
In truth it didn’t take long. Never mind, gives me more time to get down to St Paul’s churchyard to bring down capitalism.

[ This Xword might’ve been on the easy side, but I’m completely stuck on many of the questions in the “50 years quiz” Page 18, which is a shame as I’d really like that runners up prize. ]

6 BOOB JOB Expanding operation at the front: Bush and Blair initially without balls to take on the task (4,3)
B[ush] and B[lair] around OO (balls) JOB (task). Another time when the first clue attempted is effortlessly entered – this could become a habit.
8 ON GUARD Prepared for assault: desirable position for a gay in Knightsbridge? (2,5)
Doule Def. one of them Cryptic in an Eye style (Knightsbridge is the location of the Hyde Park Barracks for the Household Cavalry / Horse Guards etc.)
10 SUM Schmaltz rejected to get rid of heroin problem (3)
MUS[h]< (Schmaltz rejected) Def. Problem. Last clue entered. Like Scotsmen, sometimes the small ones are the hardest.
11 KYLIE Pop star, left out, likely to throw a wobbly (5)
(LIKELY – L)* AInd: to throw a wobbly
13 HAMILTON Disgraced MP turned minor celeb and no stranger to the pits (8)
Double Def. for a surname Neil H is the “disgraced MP”, Lewis H is familiar with pits (not in the mining sense). I wonder if they are related?
14 TRUANT Not quite genuine TV presenter, one wilfully having no class (6)
tru[E] (Not quite genuine) ANT (TV presenter – the other half of Antndec). I liked this Def.
16 ELECTORAL REFORM Opening of Ed Balls’ centre designed for “moral erect” – potential threat to his and some other MPs’ seats? (9,6)
E[d] [ba]L[ls] (FOR MORAL ERECT)* AInd: designed. I have to admit I wrote this in after seeing the answer from a few crossers and only bothered to decode the anagram for this blog.
19 SPLASH Piss while holding pint – get it everywhere (6)
P[int] inside SLASH (piss) I thought the abbreviation for Pint was Pt – Oh well, anyway it gives me a chance to point out the the Dutch counterpart of CAMRA is PINT which I always found surprising (Promotie INformatie Traditioneel bier)
21 LEGAL AID Assistance needed by suitor getting shagged, having grabbed English lass? (5,3)
E[nglish] GAL (lass) inside LAID (getting shagged)
23/12 FLIP FLOP Skimpy wear reveals female “cheek sag” (4-4)
F[emale] LIP (cheek) FLOP (sag) – and an unpleasant image conjured by that surface – means it’s my clue of the week!
25 CIGAR Hamlet-like, topless, bent over – weedy thing! (5)
[t]RAGIC< The def. here is “weedy thing” referring to tobacco as the evil weed, but you could be forgiven for thinking “Hamlet-like” referred to cheapo stogie when in fact it was the noble bard’s finest tragic play
26 GAS Talk of ‘droop’ on the way back (3)
SAG< Def. Talk (not a homophone)
27 BURNLEY City born Hurley blowing top when interrupted by knight (7)
B[orn] then N (knight – chess notation) inside [h]URLEY
28 IN A RUSH Quickly! Ian’s turned on Geoffrey! (2,1,4)
(IAN)* AInd: turned, [Geoffrey] RUSH (the actor)
1 CODSWALLOP Doc’s brewed beer is crap (10)
(DOCS)* AInd: brewed. WALLOP (beer) Def. crap
2 COCKATOO Bird starts to apply tension overtly inside penis ring (8)
A[pply] T[ension] O[vertly] inside COCK (penis) O (ring)
3 ON HEAT Randy queen vacating a throne when screwed (2,4)
(A THRONE – R)* AInd: screwed
4 BUM FLUFF Adolescent’s down behind, cock up (3,5)
BUM (behind) FLUFF (cock-up)
5 TRIO Go berserk, top to bottom, for a threesome (4)
RIOT (go berserk) T moved to the top – Err. Hang on, why then does it say “top to bottom”? – I’ll think about this later.
7 BAMBI After book, lid taken off errant Miliband (nameless cute creature) (5)
B[ook] then (MILIBAND – LID – N)* AInd: errant. Strange, I’m sure there is another (New) Labour personality that could’ve been used to clue this word.
9 GLENDA SLAGG Our columnist occasionally getting leg over and shaking up good girls (6,5)
One for the Eye magazine aficionados. (LEG)* AInd: over, (AND)* AInd: shaking up, then G[ood] GALS reversed. I see Glenda’s byline picture has changed from demure to direct in recent weeks. What could this mean?
15 NARCISSISM Self-conceit: can Sir Dicky miss out? (10)
(CAN SIR)* AInd: dicky, (MISS)* AInd: out
17 CLAPPING VD? Make high-pitched sound, showing appreciation (8)
CLAP (VD) PING (Make high-pitched sound). Ping is a great word, and useful unix command and reminds me that I once worked with a Unix Administrator called Ping – Nominative determinism indeed. His brother was the famous Nimrod Ping. When his brother Peter returned to work after the funeral his hair was still dyed bright green – he explained it was that kind of funeral.
18 ROGERING Shagging Ginger or Dotty (8)
(GINER OR)* AInd: dotty. Talking of surnames, my girlfriend is French and has surname Roger “with hilarious consequences” (actually more usually written “Rodgers” Doh!)
20 HACKER Tabloids’ dishonest, phoney operator gets chop – taken to casualty (6)
HACK (chop) ER (casualty)
22/24 LAGER LOUT Gruel: a lot could produce a tight pain in the arse (5,4)
(GRUEL A LOT)* AInd: could produce.

It’s a good job I popped around to see my dyslexic friend last Sunday.
He had just got the boot polish out when I said “No you fool! You’re supposed to turn your clock back”

8 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 455 – 50 Not out”

  1. alicehooper says:

    Thanks beermagnet. I found it relatively easy and enjoyable. Not sure if Burnley is actually a city though?

  2. beermagnet says:

    You’re right Alice, Burnley’s website refers to it as a Town and Borough.
    I should have checked that

  3. simon says:

    I found this almost as taxing as all the others! Could not get codswallop, or sum, or hamilton. I shall endeavour to do better.
    Can I also say ‘bad luck’ to jetdoc? I think I’ve just seen her on Only Connect.

  4. DrJ says:

    Thank you. I was missing 6. boob job and 20. hacker for which I’m kicking myself; and 10. sum and 25. cigar for which I’m not – didn’t like the clue for the former and couldn’t find the definition in the latter – even after seeing your answer to 25 I got it wrong(!), so explanation much appreciated.

  5. beermagnet says:

    Yep. That was Jetdoc in the gallant Listeners team.
    Very tight score, and that must’ve been a record for solving the wall.

  6. Jon88 says:

    Yup, TRIO clue is broken. These things happen.

  7. Bamberger says:

    10a was also last in. Had to look up schmaltz which didn’t really help. With s?m , sam ,sim or sum were possibilities -not totally convinced that a sum is a problem.

    27a Wonder why Cyclops didn’t simply say “Town…

    Quite tricky overall for me

  8. simon says:

    Re: 5dn. Although the T was moved to the top, you could also say that RIO was moved from the top to the bottom…

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