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Sloggers and Betters (Midlands) 3 – Update

Posted by Admin on November 7th, 2011


Only a couple of weeks to go now before the Sloggers and Betters lunch at Waterfall in Derby on Saturday 26th November, so just an update for everyone who’s indicated they’re coming, and a chance for anyone who still fancies attending to let me know.

We currently have 57 confirmed (17 Sloggers and 40 Betters).  I’ll have a list of attendees and badges to hand out to everyone on the day, so that you can catch up with anyone you particularly want to chat to.  It’s 12:30 for a 1:00 sit down and I’ve arranged for six separate tables so that we can circulate a bit more easily once we’ve finishing eating. Early birds can repair to The Brunswick, which is an excellent real ale pub 100m along from Waterfall and opens at 11:00.

Since we are a legion, I have arranged for us to have a hot buffet.  The choices will be Vegetable Stroganoff, Cottage Pie, and Chicken Jalfrezi, with the usual accompaniments; and because the numbers are high, I’ve got us a deal at £8 per head, so I hope that suits everyone.  Desserts can be ordered from the menu.

For those that didn’t attend last time, Waterfall (they have mysteriously dropped the definite article) is a thirty-second walk from Derby rail station (DE1 2RU).  Exit and look right.  This time, we will be in the Niagara Room (Niagara, waterfall, you get the picture … although on the website,, it is called the Niagra, which I just so want to copyright as the name of a drug for priapism …).  It’s upstairs; ask a member of staff or follow the crowd, although we’ll be congregating initially in the downstairs bar area, where Eileen and I will be to welcome you, so you won’t get lost.  If you’re coming by car, then the most convenient parking is in Derby rail station car park, which is directly opposite Waterfall.  Last time I checked it was £7 for all day Saturday, and there should be plenty of space.

First important bit: I’ve got the £8 a head deal on the basis that everyone pays cash, so you won’t be able to settle your bill with a card (which I think is fair enough, since processing 50+ cards with the associated on-costs is time-consuming and expensive).  So please come armed with some Sets up a classic day, it’s about to start (7)*.  Or if you forget, there’s an ATM in the station concourse. Second important bit: since I’ve confirmed numbers, the kitchen will be producing food to a budget of 57 x £8, so if you have confirmed and now can’t make it, please let me know.  Similarly, if you want to join us (and there is plenty of space in Niagra), please do the same.

A couple of our non-professional setters will kindly be bringing along a puzzle each for your enjoyment.  Rumour on the street is that one of them is themed (which surprises me, because Derby’s not that exciting).  If you’re in the ‘we’re not going to do bloody crosswords all afternoon’ camp, you can of course take them home for later.  If you’re in the ‘Ooh, a crossword …’ camp, then bring a pen.

You’ll find me between now and the 26th at pwharvey{at}msn{dot}com.  If you need to get me on the day, my mobile is 07802 154569.

Really looking forward to seeing everybody there, especially the new faces for this time round.  I’m quietly confident that it will be another ‘classic day’ which everyone will enjoy.

Best regards

Peter/Kathryn’s Dad

* copyright Crucible

11 Responses to “Sloggers and Betters (Midlands) 3 – Update”

  1. Tramp says:

    Peter – thanks for doing all this for us.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Many thanks, Peter, for all the work you have put into this. I guess the Chicken Jalfrezi will help for the pangram…

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Just to say that if you did want to access the Waterfall website, it’s changed. They are now at

    Sadly the Niagra spelling mistake has been corrected, which has made my cheap joke fall a bit flat.

  4. MikeC says:

    Thanks for all this, Peter. I’m not sure if you have me as a possible or a confirmed. If the former, please add me in – I will definitely be there – very much looking forward to it.

    Best wishes


  5. Allan_C says:

    A couple of quick additions to Kathryn’s Dad’s excellent notes:

    Make sure you leave the station by the main concourse adjacent to Platform 1, not the Pride Park exit.

    Any early arrivals who haven’t booked food at Waterfall may like to know that the Brunswick serves food including a superb all-day breakfast. But service might be a bit slow as 12 hungry committee members of the FRMS (don’t ask!) including yours truly will be lunching there prior to their meeting. I’ll join you later if the meeting finishes early enough.

  6. Kathryn's Dad says:

    A few people have contacted me to ask if they need to decide in advance which food option they would like. The answer is no – it will be a self-service affair where you can help yourself to what you want, and there should be plenty to go around.

  7. Median says:

    Back home after the event. Thoroughly enjoyed it – great to be able to put some faces to pseudonyms and real names. Thanks all round: to Kathryn’s Dad, for the organisation; to Gervase, for an entertaining puzzle (although it was slightly unnerving to have you looking over my shoulder while I worked on it!); to everyone for turning up and making it fun.

  8. Quaiteaux says:

    There are some pics here:

  9. Bertandjoyce says:

    Many thanks to everyone, especially Kathryn’s Dad for a really enjoyable day. It was good to put faces to names and pseudonyms. We’re still working through the crosswords – thanks to the contributors. It’ll be much more fun now when we settle down for our regular solve and recognise a familiar name.

    We’ll try to lurk a little less in future!

  10. MikeC says:

    My thanks also, for a very enjoyable day. It was good to meet lots of people.

    Special thanks to Peter for organising, to Eric for his sterling work “plugging” the excellent 3D calendars (my Xmas present to myself!), and to Dalibor, Gervase and Trailman for providing three entertaining and challenging puzzles for us. The Derby themes were very neat – and a couple of Gervase’s clues were quite “Paul-worthy”.

    Till the next time . . .

  11. John Appleton says:

    I’d also like to add thanks to all involved for organising it. A great day, and very welcoming for somebody new to the fold.

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