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Financial Times 13,846 by Aardvark

Posted by PeeDee on November 9th, 2011


A good crossword from Aardvaark I thought.  Not easy, but everthing is there to be found.  The clues are very solid, no stray words or dubious definitions at all.

Aardvark has put in some nice misdirections – I spent ages trying to think of literary refererences to ‘most lovely city’ and there were plenty of anagram and inclusion indicators that turned out to be nothing of the sort.

Hold mouse over clue number to see the clue.

9 ALAN-A-DALE A (one) NADA (nothing) Left inside ALE (beer) – member of Robin Hood’s band of merry men
10 ARIEL shinE (final letter of) inside LIRA (old brass, money) – definition is ‘spirit’
11 LITOTES TOT (child) inside LIES (tales) – definition is ‘figure of speech’, deliberate understatement
12 IMITATE Male and Jaques TATI reversed inside IE (that is) – definition is ‘model’
13 AIL AI (A1 – brilliant, the best) and Light (initial letter of) – definition is ‘pain’.
14 NAT KING COLE (LACKING TONE)* – American pianist and singer
17 GARDA GARD sounds like ‘guard’ (safety, eg position on sports team) and A
18 RIA AdRIAtic – definition is ‘coastal inlet’
19 BEVEL BEVErLy Hills with R (Republican) and Y (unknown in equations) removed (rejected) – definition is ‘inclination’
21 DISCERNMENT anagram of DINNER SET Menu and Charge (original=first letter of)
23 GEL LEG (pin) reversed – a dressing for one’s hair
25 EMIRATE MI (note of scale) RAT (mole, spy) inside EuropE (border of) – an office of state in a foreign country
27 CYPRESS PRESS (media) follow (track) CelebtitY (unoccupied, with nothing inside) – a tree that grows (is rooted) in the Mediteranian countries
28 RICIN RN (tars, Royal Navy) containing (housing) ICI (‘here’ in French) – poisonous chemical from the caster oil plant
29 LEICESTER LEER containing (while absorbing) NICEST (most lovely, without leading letter) – definition is ‘city’
1 PAELLA LEAP (bound) reversed inside LA (‘the’ in French) – definition is ‘meal’
2 WAT TYLER Time after Time and ELY (bishopric or ‘see’ in East Anglia) reversed (revolutionary) inside (during) WAR (battles) – English revolutionary
3 MARTINGALE GALE (wind) under (south of) ANTRIM* – a strap forming part of a horse’s tack
4 LASS Litre ASS (mug, fool)
5 FELICITATE ETA (Greek character) TIC (fit, convulsion) reversed following LIFE* – definition is ‘praise’
6 MALI I (single) LAM (beat) reversed – African country
7 MIKADO MIKe (microphone diminished=shortened) ADO (song and dance) – English term for the Emperor of Japan
8 BLUEBELL BELL (ring, e.g. telephone) under (found at foot of) BLUE (down, sad)
15 TARANTELLA ARAN (wollen sweater) on William TELL inside TA (Terrretorial Army) – definition is ‘dance’
16 GOBSTOPPER OB (old boy, ex pupil) insdie GS (grammar school) and TOPPER (top hat, headwear) – definition is ‘sweet’
17 GADGETRY GAD (exclamation of surprise) GET (understand) RY (railway) – definition is ‘mechanism’
20 VIGNETTE TEN G reversed (over) inside (probed) VITE (quickly, French)
22 STITCH ITCH (irritation) following ST (street, road) – something made by one who sews
24 LUSTRE ScarleT (edges of) inside LURE (draw)
27 CHIC CIC (Commander in Chief) contains (controls) House (front letter of)


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