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Financial Times 13,848 / Falcon

Posted by shuchi on November 11th, 2011


A gentle puzzle with Falcon’s elegant clues and references to a variety of knowledge domains. Smooth anagrams, natural surfaces, nothing too taxing.


1 EMBALM M (male) BA (graduate), in ELM (tree)
5 SAMPHIRE A MP (politician), in SHIRE (county); this coastal plant. A new word for me and, going by spell-check’s squiggly red line under the word in the compose blog post window, a new word for wordpress too.
9 PRETORIA (AIRPORT)* around [jun]E. The executive capital of the country, also nicknamed The Jacaranda City due to the multitude of Jacaranda trees in the city.”
10 LIAISE I (one) in LA (US city) IS E[ager]
11 GIGOLO GIG (carriage) OSLO (Norway’s capital) – S (son). For a nice change Norway’s capital is not “N”.
12 LEATHERY (THE EARLY)*. What a compact, well-written anagram.
18,22 PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER 2 and 2 together = 22
25 PIGEON PIG (greedy eater) (ONE)*
26 STATUS STAT[e] (set out, briefly) US (American)
28 PROPHECY PROP (support) HE (ambassador) CY (Cyprus)
29 RASHLY RASH (spots) L (learner driver) [Piccadill]Y


2 MERLIN dd. The legendary magician who acted as advisor to King Arthur, and a small species of the bird that shares our setter’s name.
4 MARCO POLO MAR (spoil) CO (county) POLO (game). 13th century Venetian traveller credited for “discovering the Orient”.
5 SCARLET CARL (boy) in SET (group)
6 MELBA M (married) ELBA (Mediterranian island). Dame Nellie Melba, Australian soprano opera singer.
7 HEATH HEAT (pressure) H (hot). Sir Edward Heath (1916 – 2005), British politician who served as PM of UK in 1970–74.
8 REST ROOM (RESORT)* O (old) M (short for Monsieur i.e. French man)
13 TEA TEA[l] (duck, cut short)
15 NOTEPAPER NOTE (put down, as in record) PAPER (daily)
16 SNODGRASS S (singular), DON (fellow) reversed, GRASS (informer). Augustus Snodgrass, a central character in The Pickwick Papers.
17 EUROSTAR (ROUE)* STAR (celebrity). Eurostar is a high-speed train service connecting London with Paris and Brussels.
21 JOVIAL J (Jack) O[pen] VIAL (bottle)
23 ESTOP [on]E ST (way) OP (work)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,848 / Falcon”

  1. Rishi says:


    Yes, it was gentle and your blog has appeared early on in the IST zone.

    I finished left bottom, left top and right bottom in that order. So you know which quadrant proved a little tough.

    I solved 18ac first – without even looking for any clue at 22.

    I liked 25ac to 28ac – among many for their smooth surfaces.

    At 21dn JOKING, JOCUND came to my mind before I discarded them for the right answer!

  2. Ferret says:

    Held up briefly by entering ADD for the first word of 18A…

    As someone brought up around the marshes of The Wash, 5A was a seasonal delight we could gather by the bucket load.

    Thanks to Falcon and Shuchi.

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