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Independent 7818 Anarche (Sat 5-Nov)

Posted by beermagnet on 12th November 2011


A Bonfire night themed crossword with enough horrible death by burning to satisfy the most extreme of sado-pyro-necro-philiacs. Indeed for people with a fear of fire or otherwise of a nervous disposition, like me, it was important to concentrate on decoding the wordplay and avoid thinking too much about the crispy ends of the poor souls being commemorated. It is either that or the clarity of the clueing that means I reckon I have all the wordplay buttoned down in the explanations below.

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Enigmatic Variations 991 To Horse by MynoT

Posted by twencelas on 12th November 2011


So some clues with extra letters this week, these will reveal a quotation and an anagram of the author. Then the other clues must be modified before entry.  What can be so difficult about that?

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Guardian 25,472 / Araucaria

Posted by mhl on 12th November 2011


This was a typically enjoyable prize crossword from Araucaria. We struggled with this for a while before guessing the theme, after which everything went very fast, apart from some troubles working out the parsing of a few clues.

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