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Independent 7,826/Eimi

Posted by Ali on 15th November 2011


Well, there was a lot going on here. Some nice topical references to protestors and world events, a nod to the setter’s football team of choice, a pangram, and lots of very nice clues. A very enjoyable solve all round.

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Financial Times 13,851 / Neo

Posted by duncanshiell on 15th November 2011


As scchua hinted in his blog last week, he is off on a break, so I am blogging in his place during his holiday.  Next week, though, the blogger will be a stand-in for a stand-in.

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Guardian 25,480 – Pasquale

Posted by Uncle Yap on 15th November 2011

Uncle Yap.

Cannot say this is an easy one as I found myself stumbling all over the place, trying to understand the crafty word-play of many a clue. As usual with the Don, this is very Ximenean although many clues could not be solved in the normal forward way, so one has to hazard a likely answer and work back to justify the answer. Put another way, the answer may well be gotten from crossing letters and definition, making the puzzle one not of getting the answer but understanding Pasquale’s word play. Do we call this back-tracking?

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