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Independent 7829/Phi

Posted by John on 18th November 2011


One of those crosswords that repeatedly refers to a single clue, so one’s rate of progress depends on how quickly this clue is solved. 8 is quite easy, so the only difficulty was in thinking of all those 8s. I managed to complete it without recourse to a list (although I have never in my life been to the 8), but no doubt it would have been easy enough with a copy of Bradford’s or the Chambers Crossword Dictionary to refer to; perhaps 10ac is rather obscure.

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Guardian 25,483 – Puck

Posted by manehi on 18th November 2011


On the easy side for a Puck, partly because 2 and 8 went in immediately. Favourite clues were 12a, 19a and 18d. Thanks to tupu for pointing out that this is also a pangram!

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Financial Times 13,854 / Bradman

Posted by shuchi on 18th November 2011


I found a lot to admire in this puzzle and a few clues to struggle with. The bottom-right corner was hard to piece together with 20a and 20d eluding me till the very end. I specially enjoyed the two long Down clues, the deceptive definitions in 10a and 24a, the wordplay in 9a and the usual great clue surfaces from Bradman.

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