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Independent 7,824 by Monk (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 12/11/11)

Posted by Simon Harris on 19th November 2011

Simon Harris.

I’m usually pretty excited to see a (relatively rare) appearance from Monk pop up, especially on a Saturday. Unfortunately, and probably simply to do with the challenges of being self-employed now, I got absolutely nowhere with this one. So I’m left trying to improvise a blog post based on the answers provided online, for which I apologise, since it doesn’t really do the talented Monk justice.

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Guardian Prize 25,478 / Paul

Posted by Eileen on 19th November 2011


An entertaining pot-pourri of a puzzle from Paul, to round off an excellent week: a mini-theme of Dad’s Army  and mini-mini-themes of pastas, Prime Ministers and flowers. Just right for a Saturday, I thought: it took a little while to get into but, once I guessed the theme [from PIKE], it unravelled steadily – but not too quickly – with several penny-dropping moments, like 9ac, and a rather longer wait for the explanation of 25ac to dawn. My thanks to a wise owl for just a wee hint that it was connected with a word that had been discussed here ‘some months ago’, involving the usual abbreviation for ‘company’, which stirred a faint memory, and a quick search of our very useful archive revealed that it was, in fact, over a year ago and I’d blogged the puzzle in question! I said then that I’d never heard the word before – and I haven’t heard it since, till now. [Someone commented here on Wednesday [again on a blog of a Paul puzzle] that I’d led a sheltered life! I had been thinking that Paul had been on his best behaviour in this puzzle – I thought the reason I couldn’t explain it was that the said Jones must be a cricketer [or snooker player] or whatever… ]

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Enigmatic Variations No.992 – Udergroud by Loda

Posted by Mister Sting on 19th November 2011

Mister Sting.

Hey, boys and girls! Do you like shameless cross-promotion? You do? Well, that’s just great, because I was about to tell you that you should listen to Mighty Mighty Mix Tape on at 10pm on Mondays (during term time only – and, yes, Oxford’s terms are ludicrously short).

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