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Beelzebub 1134

Posted by Jed on November 20th, 2011


Straightforward puzzle this week with some smashing, previously unknown words – 5a, 30a and 1d in particular



5 Old miser fine during botched stick-up    PUCKFIST    (F STICK UP)*

10 Bumpy granular snow blocks one on Mont Blanc    UNEVEN    NEVE in UN

11 One under sign operated behind library    LIBRAN    LIB RAN

12 Doctor attending soldiers and more soldiers – no use panicking for a short time    MOMENTANEOUS    MO MEN TA(NOUSE)*

13 Punished about one river being piled with stones    CAIRNED    IR in CANED

14 Sallies of mockery, timeless?    AUNTS    {T}AUNTS

16 Railway amongst challenges for Heriot-Watt’s physics units    HENRYS    RY in HENS

20 Waterbirds missing depth in locality    AREA    AR{D}EA    heron and bittern genus

21 Ready to leave, ignoring first what’s left    ESTATE    {T}ESTATE

22 Fine line involving potassium or other metal    NICKEL    K in NICE L

23 Real end to fighting with corps backing out    TRUE    TRU{C}E

25 Crafty, just a little, about women    SHREWD    W in SHRED

26 Antelope last seen round lake area    ELAND    LA in END

27 Redefined limits of life to sea salts    OLEATES    (L{IF}E TO SEA)*

30 Quip from one comedian in character, not one fooling around    CARRIWITCHET    (I WIT CHAR{A}CTER)*

31 Stranger no longer unconstrained about names    FRENNE    NN in FREE

32 Antique instrument quickly starts to lose elegance    CITOLE    CITO L E

33 Farming, in short, follows school regarding blood disease    PODAGRIC    POD AGRIC


1 Mother’s church section left off old card game    MUMCHANCE    MUM CHANCE{L}

2 Number in America accepted buffalo-like creature   ANOA    NO in A A

3 Suburban residence turns up in crime scene    SEMI    crIME Scene <

4 Sweep across, being recovered from drunken beau    OVERRAKE    OVER RAKE

5 Writing about yard we had hired finally for charitable union    PENNY-WEDDING   (Y WE’D D) in PENNING

6 Workers in stone rarely climb in Civil Service    CLADDERS    LADDER in CS

7 Ease it and think roughly about sensing body movement    KINAESTHETIC    (EASE IT DRINK)* C

8 Metal goods, I argue, are containing nitrogen    IRONWARE   N in I ROW ARE

9 Director trimming last third following suggestion of Stephen Fry    SAUTE    S{tephen} AUTE{ur}

15 Soaks with lots of water, changing direction in fast car    SPEEDSTER    (RETS DEEPS)<

17 Very sweet Conservative brought in to ensnare a left winger    NECTARED    C in NET A RED

18 Broadcaster keeping everything more jaundiced   SALLOWER    ALL in SOWER

19 Draws cheers after sending up political literature   ATTRACTS   TA<  TRACTS

24 British sculptor seizing lecturer’s cigar    CLARO   L in CARO

28 Not a large amount for you    THOU  dd

29 English cathedral city noted for fish   EELY     E ELY

< = reverse    dd = double definition    ( )* = anagram    { } = omit

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