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Cyclops 456: Willy or won’t he?

Posted by jetdoc on November 21st, 2011


I’m not sure why, but I found this a rather more challenging Cyclops than many recent ones, and all the better for it. There certainly seems to be a plethora of male genitalia in there.

1 HAGIOGRAPHY Creep’s life: getting aggro with hip, romping in the grass
*(aggro hip), with ‘romping’ as the anagram indicator; HAY = grass. A sycophantic biography
9 TAURUS Sign of a sort of bend in arse that tips over setters
U = a sort of band; TAR = rat (‘arse’ in the sense of ‘unpleasant person’), reversed; US = setters. Definition: sign
10 ENTHRONE The Enron fiasco set up Brenda’s role, possibly
*(The Enron). Brenda, in Private Eye parlance, is the Queen.
11 SKITTLES Game broadcaster gets end away before titles roll
SK[y] = broadcaster, without its final letter (‘end away’); *(titles)
13 AMBIENT Like background music it’s possibly meant to cover being sexually uncertain
*(meant); BI = bisexual
15 MESSIAH Divine delivery specialist she aims to toss
*(she aims). For some reason, although I knew what was to be anagrammed, and I had all the checking letters, it took me a while to spot this.
17 URGENCY Thing that’s pressing out-of-control gurney over tip of cock
*(gurney); C = tip of cock
19 OPERATE Make cuts, leader having abandoned aspiration and merit?
[h]OPE = aspiration, without its first letter; RATE = merit
22 GAUCHE Awkward when Hague jostled to grab top cabinet position
C (top cabinet position) in *(Hague)
24 ESCAPADE Romp in which one gets head of dick caught in fly
D = head of dick; in ESCAPE = fly
26 REARWARD Arse with division at the back
REAR = Arse; WARD = division (e.g. in a parliamentary constituency)
27 SNATCH Fanny’s fragment of music
Double definition — female genitalia; fragment of music
28 BILL CLINTON Prospective legislation material crushed by Conservative former leader
BILL = prospective legislation; LINT = material; in CON = Conservative. Definition: former leader
2 AIRSTRIKE Song cycle about initially shit US military intervention action?
AIR = song; TRIKE = cycle; S = initially shit
3 INSULIN Penis, you feel ultimately, is within two tiny inches — here’s protein!
SUL = final letters of ‘Penis, you feel’; IN IN = two tiny inches; Insulin
4 GREASE Bribe gets a stony country heard
Sounds like Greece, which is stony in the sense of ‘stony broke’.
5 ATTACHE Diplomat bound to ditch date
ATTACHE[d], ‘bound’ without D
7/6 DARK HORSE Do hackers, right for cocaine, hurt a shadowy figure?
Anagram of ‘do hackers‘ with R (right) instead of C (cocaine)
8 INTERACT Work together — lay to rest government legislation!
INTER = lay to rest (bury); ACT = government legislation
14 MARGARET Thatcher needs place to sell kinky gear inside?
MART = place to sell; *(gear). Lest we forget…
16 STRAPPADO Members backing ’the old man’ and party getting suddenly dropped as a punishment
PARTS (members), reversed; PA = ’the old man’; DO = party. If you want more information…
18 CUE BALL Reminder to luvvie: testicle is the white one you hit
CUE = Reminder to luvvie; BALL = testicle. In snooker, to hit this correctly, you need a properly-shaped tip
20 PICKS ON Bullies act like Kim Jong-il when it comes to a successor
The the supreme leader looks to his sons for a successor
21 FEUDAL Describes outmoded system of union crushed by Iron Lady (youth gone, retiring)
FE = iron; U = union; LAD[y] reversed. Definition: ‘Describes outmoded system’
23 CORGI Royal favourite — appreciative ejaculation by George I
COR = appreciative ejaculation; GI = George I
25/12 DICK CHENEY Bush’s vice: penis chain to get energy and desire rising
DICK = penis; CH = chain; E = energy; YEN, reversed = desire rising. According to this, ‘Cheney is sub-species of dick known as the “Chicken Hawk”, which is a person who publicly supports a war but is too much of a pussy to fight in it himself’.


A thematic visual joke this week:

5 Responses to “Cyclops 456: Willy or won’t he?”

  1. DorothyS says:

    Well, I didn’t do this puzzle (I don’t think it’s accessible online and I live in the US), but I was drawn by your title and preamble for some reason. Thanks for introducing me to Dickipedia! And the visual joke is great — is that one of your own efforts?

  2. jetdoc says:

    Dorothy, if you google “Private Eye crossword” you should find it. No, alas, I didn’t take the pic — it’s just one of those that someone put intothe public domain.

  3. DorothyS says:

    Found it. Thanks very much.

  4. Bamberger says:

    I know you get no sympathy in crosswordland for saying that you didn’t know a word -it is supposed to be gettable from the wordplay.

    Strappado was a new one for me and I think that members =parts instead of MPs, arms, legs or ahem, something else is quite hard

    Hagiography also new -and grass =hay instead of pot, weed etc not easy.

    Agree it was hard -457 much easier.

  5. John King says:

    For the first time in a long while I had to cheat to finish this, after a week of trying, mind. As like Bamberger, STRAPPADO and HAGIOGRAPHY were new words to me.

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