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Financial Times 13,857 / Armonie

Posted by Gaufrid on November 22nd, 2011


One for newcomers to cryptic puzzles today, with nothing particularly difficult nor any rare or unusual answers. I have a minor query regarding part of the wordplay in 18dn but apart from that everything seemed fair.


1 LARYNX A R[abbit] in LYNX (cat)
4 TEA CHEST TEACHES (drills) T (type of junction)
10 GRASSLAND ASS (beast) L (left) in GRAND (splendid)
11 MIGHT double def.
12 RAYS homophone (reportedly) of ‘raise’ (breed)
13 CHAMBERTIN CHAMBER (legislative body) TIN (money) – a red wine from Burgundy.
15 AVARICE A VICE (a sin) around (consuming) A R[esistance]
16 COCKLE COCK (bird) L[ike] E[ating]
19 DESPOT anagram (letters) of POSTED
21 DEAD SET DEAD (apathetic) SET (group)
23 AFTERSHOCK AFTERS (dessert) HOCK (wine)
25 RHEA hidden in ‘banneR HEAdline’
27 TWIST double def. – a reference to Oliver Twist (boy wanting more).
28 REDUNDANT anagram (ugly) of DAN TURNED
29 SPENDING S (society) PENDING (awaiting)
30 STATUS STATU[e]S (works of art head of Egyptologists removed)
1 LEG BREAK LEG (support) BREAK (suspension) – a cricketing term (delivery).
2 READY-MADE anagram (quack) of REMEDY ADA
3 NEST S (son) in NET (trap)
5 ENDEMIC END (terminate) anagram (troublesome) of MICE
6 COMMERCIAL double def.
7 ERGOT ER (King Edward) GOT (contracted)
8 TITANS TITS (birds) around (fly round) A N (pole)
9 MASHIE MASH (prepared veg) IE (that is)
14 DISPIRITED DIED (passed away) around (consuming) SPIRIT (liquor)
17 LOSE HEART anagram (gets changed) of AS THE ROLE
18 ATLANTIS ATLAS (maps) around (feature) NT (National Trust) I (island) – I’m not sure that ‘feature’ is suitable as an inclusion indicator.
20 TEHERAN TEN (a number) around (embrace) HERA (goddess) – an alternative spelling for the capital of Iran.
21 DECIDE CID (detectives in (taken in by) DEE (banker {river})
22 PASTIS PAST (finished) I (one) S (small)
24 TWINE TWIN (duplicate) E (bridge player {east})
26 KNOT double def. – given away by the last word in the preceding clue.


7 Responses to “Financial Times 13,857 / Armonie”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Armonie for a pleasantly straightforward puzzle and Gaufrid for the blog.

    18dn: Using Chambers 1998, the best I can find is feature vt to have as a feature, and then n an element or prominent trait of anything. I am still not sure whether that is enough. One can also question the plural verb. As usual I would favour the use of “Maps’ll feature …”. Actually, that construction did not bother me at all while I was solving, but I wondered about the definition, which suggests that Atlantis was lost as a matter of fact rather than legend. Am I being too picky on that aspect of the clue?

    24dn: I guessed wrongly here, and am not happy with the grammar of “can get into knots”. I could accept “get into knots” as a defintion, but that leaves “can” as an unsatisfactory link.

    23ac: The construction of this one also bothered me at the time, but on reflection I think one can take “gives one” as a perfectly good link between wordplay and definition, with “the shakes later” as a grammatically correct definition.

  2. Paul B says:

    Maps feature National Trust Island – land that was lost (8)

    With feature read as a noun, the indication could be taken to mean ‘NT/ I as a feature of ATLAS’. This, admittedly in its own sweet way (although you could certainly argue for it), can lead more fairly to the required word.

    Feature as a verb would give more of a problem in that ‘maps’, being a synonym for ATLAS, in SI can’t be considered either as a plural per se, or indeed as a string of letters: it’s just one unit. That would cause a fault in any ideas about plural usage for the verb.

    Anyway, 1A I thought brilliant, and a really professional job with plenty of good stuff.

  3. Paul B says:

    Hi PB – we crossed.

  4. mike04 says:

    Thanks for the blog, Gaufrid.

    In 18dn, I took ‘feature’ to mean ‘display or present prominently’.
    As the maps in question are in the form of an atlas, the NTI would almost
    certainly be found inside the book.
    In this particular clue, therefore, I think ‘feature’ is a fair Inclusion Indicator.

  5. Neb says:

    18dn was my starter, so personally I thought feature was fair as an indicator. I struggled with 20dn thanks to the spelling – I thought it was archaic (pre-Islamic republic) but a search seems to show it’s still accepted as an alternate. I wasn’t all that happy with quack as an indicator of an anagram (2dn), although I solved it readily enough.

  6. Pelham Barton says:

    Neb @5 re 2dn: I raised an eyebrow at “Quack”, but Chambers 1998 gives quack² vt “to treat in the manner of a quack”, which comes close enough for me.

  7. ChrisChunders says:

    A good puzzle. I was in search of some light relief after having a last stab at the Azed, and found a gamer bird than I might have imagined. Knot is the current crossword wader of choice, though rhea and emu are present in puzzles today and seem to be increasing generally, their future safer in crosswords than perhaps the wild. I had to look up Chambertin, and thought tin an obscure synonym for money. Couple of downer-beat solutions, ‘dispirited’ and ‘lose heart’, perhaps to recognize those who feel too much of their day is being consumed at the grid. But an enjoyable puzzle overall. Thanks for the blog and the opportunity to respond to the puzzle, and puzzling generally.

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