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Financial Times 13,858 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on 23rd November 2011


A relatively straightforward puzzle from Cinephile, and nothing contentious that I can see.  Thank you Cinephile for an enjoyable puzzle.

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Guardian Cryptic crossword No 25,487, by Arachne

Posted by Stella on 23rd November 2011


There’s always a lot of fun in the Spider Woman’s puzzles, and this one was no exception, though I did find it rather full of “pick out the letters” clues.

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Independent 7833 by Dac

Posted by flashling on 23rd November 2011


Half expected Crosophile as I’ve got him a few months running on Wednesdays, but always a pleasure to get a Dac as ever little contentious with a couple of &lits.

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Inquisitor 1203: Caveat by Hypnos

Posted by kenmac on 23rd November 2011


The title is “CAVEAT”, which means a notice or a warning! According to the preamble, the wordplay, in thirty clues, generates an extra letter giving a variant of a quotation. There are four examples in the perimeter and the central column forms the original subject. In addition, the last three clues contain an extra word, the first and last letters, of which, form the quotation’s source. To help us complete the perimeter, Hypnos has given us the letters forming the phrase ABOLISH PIOUS PARADE.

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