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Financial Times 13,860 / Sleuth

Posted by Gaufrid on November 25th, 2011


A quick solve for me today as the wordplay, or subsidiary indication as some prefer to call it, was quite clear in all the clues. I prefer something that presents a bit more of a challenge but this puzzle would definitely suit beginners and intermediates in the art of cryptic crossword solving.

1 VIGOUR VIGO (Spanish city) UR (old one {city})
4 TONE-DEAF anagram (volatile) of DATE around (embracing) ONE (single) F (fellow)
9 BRANCH B (bishop) RAN (administered) CH (church)
10 PUMP IRON PUMP (soft shoe) IRON (club {golf})
12 ALACRITY AL[l]Y (friend half-heartedly) around (taking in) A CRIT (a review)
13 ODDS-ON O (old) DON (academic) around (holding) D (degree) S (succeeded)
15 TOTE TO[r]TE (rich pastry right away)
16 INFILTRATE I (current) anagram (in shabby state) of FLAT I RENT
19 AZERBAIJAN A BA (a graduate) around (pocketing) ZER[o] (almost nothing) 1 JAN (start of year)
20 WORM ROW (argument) reversed (backed) M (male)
23 PIRATE P (page) IRATE (cross)
25 ILLUSION ILL (trouble) U (for all to see) SION (holy city)
27 OUTBURST R (king) in OUT (striking) BUST (sculpture)
28 VIZIER VIZ (namely) I (one) ER (queen)
29 EGYPTIAN anagram (suffering abuse) of GAIN TYPE
30 STIGMA A MG (car) IT’S reversed (backfiring)
1 VIBRANT VIB[e] (sensation almost) RAN (rushed) T (time)
2 GUARANTEE anagram (messed up) of A NEAT RUG [fir]E (close to fire)
3 UNCORK UN (article for Frenchman) CORK (Irish place)
5 ONUS NOUS (common sense) with its head lowered
6 EXPEDITE EX (former) PE (exercise) anagram (revise) of DIET
7 EUROS SO (in a high degree) RUE (regret) reversed (raised)
8 FINANCE N (new) in (pocketed by) FIANCÉ (one preparing for match)
11 STAND-IN T[ire] (beginning to tire) in (entering) SAN (hospital) DIN (noise)
14 MIRACLE RAC (drivers organised) in MILE (race)
17 AGONISING A GO (an attempt) NI (province) SING (celebrate)
18 OBSTRUCT B (bachelor) ST (good man) in (dividing) anagram (reformed) of COURT
19 APPROVE A PP (a very quiet) ROVE[r] (car with concealed rear)
21 MINERVA MI (note) NERVA (Roman emperor)
22 QUAINT QU (queen) AIN’T (is not commonly spoken)
24 RATTY hidden in (some) ‘bRAT TYpically’
26 ASIA alternate letters (regularly observed) in ‘mAn’S rIvAl’


2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,860 / Sleuth”

  1. Neb says:

    I did like 19ac. 21dn annoyed, but only through my ignorance of emperors.

  2. mike04 says:

    Thank you, Gaufrid.

    I must say that I prefer your style of blog. The simpler the better in my opinion.
    I want to get on with the next challenge! However, I do appreciate the usefulness
    of a more comprehensive approach for beginners in more complex puzzles.

    As this was such an easy crossword, I wondered if it was unusual in the fact that
    all 26 letters of the alphabet made an appearance. I’m trying to be as low-key
    as possible on the matter – after recent comments on fifteensquared!

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