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Tips For Solving Alphabetical Jigsaw Crosswords

Posted by Admin on 26th November 2011


The following is a copy of a blog written by PeeDee for an Araucaria puzzle that appeared in the Guardian on 19/11/2011. It contains useful tips for those who have not met this type of puzzle before (scroll down to below the main body of the blog if you don’t want to read the clues, answers etc.).

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Independent 7830 / Punk – Saturday Prize Puzzle 19 November 2011

Posted by duncanshiell on 26th November 2011


If there is a theme in this puzzle, I can’t spot it.  The puzzle is not a pangram.  This was simply a soundly constructed crossword with only a couple of  words or phrases that I don’t come across on a regular basis.  

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Enigmatic Variations No. 993: Mind the Gap by Ifor

Posted by mc_rapper67 on 26th November 2011


For a long while, the ‘gap’ causing the most problems for me with this puzzle was the one between my ears…

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Guardian Prize Puzzle 25,484 by Araucaria

Posted by PeeDee on 26th November 2011


To me this is absolutely classic Araucaria – an alphabetical jigsaw with great clues cutting a swathe through general knowlegde, and taking some Araucarian liberties in the process.  Not an easy solve but a very satisfying one.  A real pleasure to solve and blog, thank you Araucaria.

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