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Financial Times 13,864 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on 30th November 2011


A good puzzle from Gozo and as always an entertaining and educational puzzle to blog.

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Guardian Cryptic N° 25, 493 by Brendan

Posted by PeterO on 30th November 2011


A thorough working-out of a theme by Brenda, which I found very satisfying.
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Independent 7839/Tees

Posted by John on 30th November 2011


Dac is presumably going to appear on Saturday, and instead of a fairly easy task I found that we have a setter with whom I usually have some trouble. But either I’m getting better (which I doubt at my age) or yesterday’s Anax and today’s Tees, both of which would usually set insuperable problems, were easier than usual, for they were both done fairly quickly by my standards. Perhaps it’s that when solving online one can use the Reveal button when absolutely stuck: I doubt whether I’d have finished this at all actually, because one or two are still a mystery to me and I would never have guessed them.

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Inquisitor 1204: Non-standard by Chalicea

Posted by HolyGhost on 30th November 2011


The rubric states that extra letters in the wordplay of down clues identify an achievement, one feature of which is symbolically represented in the grid, together with the full name of its creator. All elements must be highlighted (46 cells in all).
(My first reading of the rubric led me to think that both “achievement” and “creator” would be given by the extra letters, not that the latter was to be found in the completed grid.)

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