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Financial Times 13,856 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on December 1st, 2011

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/21 Nov

Back to life, back to reality: a smoothie by Dante.

Hardly anything controversial in this crossword. In particular, some nice anagrams with 10ac and 19ac (ROMAN TIMES – MONETARISM – topical?) leading the pack.  Not really an AS USUAL type of device (for Dante, that is) in 14ac . Nice use of two different kind of pronunciations in the SKIERS of 22d.  Many thanks to Dante!


1 OFFCUT Remnant is substandard, needing price reduction
    OFF (substandard) + CUT (price reduction)
4 COMPLETE Engage in competition without money to finish
    COMPETE (engage in competition) outside L (money, a pound)
9 THEISM Convert me with this belief
    (ME + THIS)*
10 GARGOYLE It drains off water from scrambled Royal egg
    (ROYAL EGG)*
12 COMPOUND Add on to a POW camp
    Double definition
13 RAGTAG Cheap newspaper with stock phrase for the riff-raff
    RAG (cheap newspaper) + TAG (stock phrase)
15 LIST Pay attention or bend over
    Double definition
16 BRASS TACKS Brazen supporters that really mean business
    BRASS (brazen) + TACKS (supporters)
19   MONETARISM   A way to regulate the economy from Roman times
20 AMMO Large number seen in a doctor’s rounds
    M (large number, 1000) inside A MO (a doctor) – the definition here is ‘rounds’ (a round is the ammunition of one shot)
23 NESTED Built a home for a good man in want
    ST (good man, Saint) in NEED (want)
25 BANK LOAN   Finance advanced for riverside development
    Probably a cryptic definition, playing on the word ‘bank’ in different ways
27 TENEMENT Holding belief about humanity
    TENET (belief) around MEN (humanity)
28 TENUTO It’s held musically to follow the wrong tune
    TO following (TUNE)*
29 RAILROAD Force both sides into a radio broadcast
    L (left) R (right) [both sides] inside (A RADIO)*
30   AS WELL It follows a gale at sea, too
    A SWELL (which might be the result of a gale at sea)
1 OPTICAL Visual changes to the Capitol
2 FREEMASON   Strange forenames of the lodger?
3 UPSHOT Outcome of an anti-aircraft gun?
    Double definition, the second a bit cryptic
5 OVAL Love girl’s curved shape
    O (love) + VAL (girl, short for Valerie)
6   PAGEANTS A long time in short trousers and spectacles
    AGE (a long time) inside PANTS (short trousers)
7 EGYPT Type out a note in a foreign country
    (TYPE)* outside E (a note)
8 EMERGES Comes out east and joins up
    E (east) + MERGES (joins up)
11 SNORERS They don’t have a quiet retirement
    Cryptic definition
14 AS USUAL It’s customary for escort to leave assault course when injured
    (ASSAUL[t] [co]U[rse])* , [t][co][rse] being the letters of ESCORT
17 COMPOSURE   Aplomb of company representative certain about nothing
    CO (company) + {MP (representative) + SURE (certain)} around O (nothing)
18   STREAMER Pennant flown by vessel with monarch aboard
    STEAMER (vessel) around R (monarch, Rex or Regina)
19 MONSTER No terms could describe such a wicked person
    (NO TERMS)*
21 OWN GOAL Have an ambition that gives advantage to opponents
    OWN (have) + GOAL (an ambition)
22   SKIERS   Highballs for winter sportsmen
    Double definition, the first one an alternative to SKYERS (think cricket)
24 SINAI Deserted area is in a poor state
    (IS IN A)*
26 ANNA She was a copper, once, in India
    Double definition, the first just simply ‘she’

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