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Enigmatic Variations 994: Choice by Chalicea

Posted by Dave Hennings on 3rd December 2011

Dave Hennings.

We were given a CHOICE by Raich with EV 985, and now it’s Chalicea’s turn. Here we were presented with a 14×14 grid and sixty-two clues — I felt that perhaps an overtime payment to me was in order! Nine consecutive clues had misprints in their definitions, and there were eleven clashes.

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Guardian Prize No 25,490 by Shed

Posted by bridgesong on 3rd December 2011


Shed doesn’t get many outings in the Saturday slot, and I can’t remember blogging one of his puzzles before.  I thought  this was something of a curate’s egg of a puzzle, with a mixture of easy and difficult clues of varying quality.  I found it appropriately challenging for a prize puzzle, and even with the help of my regular solving partner Timon, it probably took us over an hour to complete.  I’d be interested in the views of others on 9 down and 23 across; is it reasonable to provide an anagram of a pretty obscure 13 letter word and expect solvers to work it out unaided?  If this were an Azed puzzle, I would have no objection.

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Independent 7836 by Nimrod (Saturday Prize Puzzle 26 November 2011)

Posted by mc_rapper67 on 3rd December 2011


Six pairs of linked clues, all with a common reference to ’20 in 5’…we’re off into thematic territory – and there is something here that rings a bell…

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