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Guardian Genius 101 / Brummie

Posted by mhl on 4th December 2011


This was a fun Genius puzzle, we thought, and quite doable once you untangled the rubric. There were plenty of smiles for me, particularly in how the missing letters changed the meaning of the clues.

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Beelzebub 1136

Posted by Jed on 4th December 2011


Some cracking words amongst the solutions especially 1a,18a, 3d and 8d

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Everyman crossword No 3,400

Posted by Stella on 4th December 2011


A slightly atypical Everyman, in that I have my reserves about a couple of clues.

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Azed 2061/anarchy rules ok?

Posted by ilancaron on 4th December 2011


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Independent on Sunday 1,137 by Poins

Posted by Uncle Yap on 4th December 2011

Uncle Yap.

A fair puzzle that a family can enjoy together on a Sunday. Comparing this with the IOS puzzle a month ago when I last blogged, this lacks the sparkle that Eimi manages to bring about through his immaculate crafting and careful choice of fodder. Hopefully, this blog will provide that missing sparkle :-)

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