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Azed 2061/anarchy rules ok?

Posted by ilancaron on December 4th, 2011


Almost finished. Solved in the tranquility of Zurich and Geneva – where I’m finding it harder and harder to overcome my urges to constantly break the rules. I started by crossing against red lights and have recently graduated to not paying for the tram. What’s next?


2 BACK,FITTING – nuclear power plant safety

10 YA(T,AGA)N – T,AGE in any*. Turkish sword.

11 HO(TU[tu])P

12 AS OF – hidden

13 BI(G,A)RADE – G,A in (bread I)*.  Seville orange presumably used in marmalade.


17 M(ON)ASTIC – ON=applied and “coating” is containment indicator.  MASTIC is used for varnish.

18 A,J(W)[p]AN – caraway oil

19 PITAKA – Buddhist text. (a Pakistani – as in)*

21 S(CORE)R – CORE=company (2nd meaning in Chambers)

23 LYSOL – hidden

25 CU(TWAT)ER – TWAT in ecru*. Forepart of ship’s prow.

29 QUE([t]EN[t])Y – quey is Scots heifer and QUEENY is camp.

30 CAMAIEUX – boring plays. (mix a cue, a)*

31 B,REW – rew=archaic (thus stale) rue=”strong smelling plant” which explains “rank”.

33 MEGA,ERA – one of the Furies.

34 MARTIAL ARTS – (arms at trail)*


1 A,YAH,U(AS)CO – S. Am. (mind-blowing) concoction. YAH= affected upper-class person thus Hooray Henry.

2 BA(SEE)J – Iranian vigilantes. See=meet in rev(jab)

3 CAFE BAR – (cab[by], fare)*

4 FAIT[h],OUR – archaic impostor

5 IN,GAN – Scots onion (thus weep inducing) – the wordplay is described by “thus I’ll be” IN GAN -> gain = profit.

6 THAR – Himalyan goat. Hidden.

7 TO,RUS[set] – receptacle (“moulding at base of a column…”).  Struggled a bit with wordplay: I think: TO=for, RUS[set]=apple.

8 I(TART,AS)S – AS is Roman coin. Russian news agency.

9 NU, DNIK – rev(kind, un)

15 SCALLYWAG – help! wordplay isn’t deconstructing… “Canine friend rends curtain, mischievous good-for-nothing”.


19 P,RE(QU)EL – nice definition: earlier (albeit later) account


22 CURA[tive],R,A – curare: a poison used as a muscle relaxant – which is what I had at first but couldn’t quite make the wordplay work. R=receipt=take.

24 OWNERS – (so we, rn)* – informal term for warship captains.

26 W(RAS)T – I replaced by Ras (prince) in WIT=intelligence. Alternate spelling of wrest=N. Eng. Distortion.

27 THEM,A – I had theme at first – which didn’t work. A=acting briefly.

28 ZIT,I – spot=zit.

7 Responses to “Azed 2061/anarchy rules ok?”

  1. sidey says:

    Thanks ilan.

    15d C(anine) [dentistry] + ALLY in SWAG [curtain]

  2. Matthew says:

    I think 31ac works better with REW being an old spelling of row=rank.

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Azed for the puzzle – well up to the usual standards – and ilancaron for the blog.

    31ac: I had it the same as Matthew@1: rew here must be row¹ (defined as “rank” in Chambers) rather than rue².

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    Correction to 3: I should have said Matthew@2 of course. I also agree with sidey@1 about 15dn.

  5. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    The usual pleasurable Sunday diversion.
    Last in was ‘scorer’ because I was too lazy, at first, to check core=company, hence wasted much time looking for ‘re’explanation.

  6. Malcolm says:

    You missed out 32, TREST (homophone of ‘tressed’)

  7. ilancaron says:

    Sorry for the belated follow-up — been travelling. Indeed forgot 32A – thanks Malcolm and agree with rew/rue comments (a bit of over-engineering on my side).

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