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Beelzebub 1136

Posted by Jed on December 4th, 2011


Some cracking words amongst the solutions especially 1a,18a, 3d and 8d



1 Tepid document signed by dirty old man    LEWDSBY    LEWD S BY

6 Painter’s coloured in bull    BOSCH   C in BOSH

10 Working very well indeed, I have to incorporate a key date    OPERATIVE    ERA in (OPT IVE)

11 Sound full of openings to accommodate her, wild and irresponsible   TRIGGERHAPPY  (HER)* in TRIG GAPPY

12 Trifling term, used about ship, is contemptuous    TOSSY    SS in TOY

13 Sketched hearts in red?    ROUGHED    H in ROUGED

15 Went for work – mind, not navy    OPTED    OP TE{N}D

18 Anger about old mixed spice dish    FURMENTY     MENT in FURY

20 Secures cross,returning heavy item    DOORSTOP   (POTS ROOD)<

23 Naval officer initially seen in dress    BOSUN    S in BOUN

25 Go back to school, taking control about recalled skill   RETRAIN    ART<  in REIN

26 Alfresco party’s better    OUTDO    OUT DO

27 Nut grabs real red gem, mistakenly – seeing it as this?    EMERALD GREEN   (REAL RED GEM)*  in EN

28 Tragic about brilliant man in front line?    SPEARHEAD    (PEAR HE)  in SAD

29 Alarm about US nurse intrudes in Oban    SORNS    RN in SOS

30 Such as some parties, trendy?    ARTIEST    {P}ARTIES T{RENDY}


1 A couple of times engaging in card game or other gamble   LOTTO   TT in LOO

2 Sceptic in English university taking line about fairy    EUROPHOBE    HOB in E U ROPE

3 Won over a tart I see working round company – this tart?   WAISTCOATEER   W CO in (A TART I SEE)*

4 Party equipment bearing special mark in book    DOGSEAR    S in DO GEAR

5 Worker’s activities concealing good evidence of boozing?    BEERGUTS    G in BEE RUTS

6 French cabinet’s objection about a hospital    BAHUT   (A H) in BUT

7 Rings circling name in part of New Zealand    OTAGO    TAG in OO

8 Renewal of tissue with no help – nothing for you ultimately with this tissue   SIPHONOSTELE  (TISSUE NO HELP)* changing {yo}U to O

9 Climaxes in country dances about rising grain    HEYDAYS    DYE< in HAYS

14 They project what’s more offensive in lyrics? Not initially   EXTRUDERS    RUDER in {t}EXTS

16 Low ball affording good score in game    GROUNDER     G ROUNDER

17 Tot up timeless pauses in speech    ADDRESS    ADD RES{T}S

19 Parisian’s thoughtless intervention in the tour dismissed ETOURDI    thE TOUR DIsmissed

21 Curtailment of notorious part of Scotland    ARRAN    ARRAN{T}

22 One stranded in most of severe mists    HAARS    A in HARS{H}

24 Chamber group broadcasting in part of cyberspace?    NONET    ON in NET

( )* = anagram    < =  reverse    { } = omit


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