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Guardian Quiptic N° 629, by Pan

Posted by PeterO on December 5th, 2011


I found the left hand side fell out very easily; the right took a little longer, but followed in due course, ending in the NE corner.

1. Young attendant pursuing animal in disorder (7)
RAMPAGE A charade of RAM (‘animal’) + (‘pursuing’) PAGE (‘young attendant’).
5. Master welcoming publicity for setter’s place of study (7)
ACADEMY An envelope (‘welcoming’) of AD (‘publicity’) in ACE (‘master’) + MY (‘setter’s’).
10. American soldier winning heart of churlish young woman (4)
GIRL A charade of GI (‘American soldier;) + (‘winning'; at first glance, this suggested to me an envelope rather than a charade) RL (‘heart of chuRLish’).
11. Think about marine struggling in difficult situation (4,2,4)
BEAR IN MIND An envelope (‘in’) of EARINM, an anagram (‘struggling’) of ‘marine’ in BIND (‘difficult situation’).
12. Son tucked into timid person’s dessert (6)
MOUSSE An envelope (‘tucked into’) of S (‘son’) in MOUSE (‘timid person’).
13. I sat with pope, surprisingly well suited for the purpose (8)
APPOSITE An anagram (‘surprisingly’) of ‘I sat’ + ‘pope’.
14. Second uniform given to Special Air Service circumnavigating earth by way of the world’s oceans (5,4)
SEVEN SEAS A charade of S (‘second’) + EVEN (‘uniform’) + (‘given to’) an envelope (‘circumnavigating’) of E (‘earth’) in SAS (‘Special Air Service’).
16. Provision of meals to pig beginning to diet (5)
BOARD A charade of BOAR (‘pig’) + D (‘beginning to Diet’).
17. In which to measure land bordered by Acacia Crescent (5)
ACRES A hidden answer (‘bordered by’) in ‘AcaciA CREscent’).
19. Tournament in which Women’s’ Institute deviously lob Dutch men (9)
WIMBLEDON A charade of WI (‘Women’s Institute’) + an anagram (‘deviously’) of ‘lob’ + D (‘Dutch’) + ‘men’.
23. Group of people meeting wild animal, displaying a bundle of nerves (8)
GANGLION A charade of GANG (‘group of people’) + (‘meeting’) LION (‘wild animal’). ‘Displaying’ introduces the definition.
24. Woman, having died, spread out in all directions (6)
DILATE A charade of DI (‘woman’) + (‘having’) LATE (‘died’).
26. Fellow thespian stalking man is a criminal (10)
MALEFACTOR A charade of MALE (‘man’) +(‘stakling’) F (‘fellow’) + ACTOR (‘thespian’).
27. Plans to have unwanted emails returned (4)
MAPS A reversal (‘returned’) of SPAM (‘unwanted emails’).
28. Take a gamble, packing thin cover for bed (7)
BLANKET An envelope (‘packing’) of LANK (‘thin’) in BET (‘take a gamble’).
29. Champion with red nose after a beating (7)
ENDORSE An anagram (‘after a beating’) of ‘red nose’.
2. Extra large source of embarrassment following a swim with fatty? (7)
ADIPOSE A charade of A DIP (‘a swim’) + (‘following’) OS (‘extra large’) + E (‘source of Embarrassment’).
3. Problem with bottom builds up (5)
PILES Double definition.
4. Leg bits cooked with birds’ entrails (7)
GIBLETS An anagram (‘cooked’) of ‘leg bits’.
6. Carpenter in fast food joint (6)
CHIPPY Double definition.
7. Sad musical set in dreadful US retail outlet (9)
DIMESTORE An envelope (‘set in’) of MESTO (‘sad’, Italian, used as a ‘musical’ direction) in DIRE (‘dreadful’).
8. The essence of theism in stern place of worship (7)
MINSTER A hidden answer (‘the essence of’) in ‘theisM IN STERn’.
9. Mother and two boys snuck in to nick hostess’s last savoury nibbles (9,4)
MACADAMIA NUTS A charade of MA (‘mother’) + an envelope (‘snuck in’) of ADAM + IAN (”two boys’) in CUT (‘to nick’) + S (‘hostess’s last’).
15. Poor revenger taking drug is always fresh and vigorous (9)
EVERGREEN An envelope (‘taking’) of E (‘drug’) in an anagram (‘poor’) of ‘revenger’.
18. Painter of church silver given everything (7)
CHAGALL A charade of CH (‘church’) + AG (‘silver’) + (‘given’) ALL (‘everything’).
20. Bad horn replaced by Irish drum (7)
BODHRAN An anagram (‘replaced’) of ‘bad horn’.
21. Creature about to go into work? (7)
OCTOPUS An envelope (‘to go into’) of C (‘about’) + ‘to’ in OPUS (‘work’).
22. Business involving Iran’s leader results in angry outburst (6)
TIRADE An envelope (‘involving’) of I (‘Iran’s leader’) in TRADE (‘business’).
25. Dance in place bordering on hell (5)
LIMBO Double definition.

2 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic N° 629, by Pan”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Well, somebody’s got to be first responder, so it might as well be me.

    Thanks for blogging, Peter. I found this a bit harder than your average Quiptic, but it was all pretty fairly clued, without any bells or whistles, which I suppose is what these puzzles are about. I liked OCTOPUS and MALEFACTOR, but needed your explanation for DIMESTORE.

  2. Derek Lazenby says:

    Yes, a bit of a struggle.

    Where is everybody? Even the Rufus blog is quiet so far.

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