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Financial Times 13,876 by Dogberry

Posted by PeeDee on 14th December 2011


A straightforward and enjoyable crossword with nothing controversial that I can see.  Thank you Dogberry.

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Guardian 25,505 / Arachne

Posted by Eileen on 14th December 2011


We know from Arachne’s numerous Marathon achievements that she’s not one to baulk at a challenge and this is her response to the gauntlet thrown down at the Sloggers and Betters get-together in Birmingham in June. I remember hoping then that it wouldn’t happen on my watch!

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Independent 7,851 / Dac

Posted by RatkojaRiku on 14th December 2011


I was looking forward to a Dac puzzle this Wednesday morning and I was not disappointed: a set of tightly clued entries with fathomable wordplay, yet enough of a challenge to tease the old grey matter over breakfast.

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Inquisitor 1206 – Gallic Wisdom by Kruger

Posted by Hihoba on 14th December 2011


I found this one – let’s not beat about the bush – very difficult. Without my laptop and Chambers on-line I would never have finished it! I have to say that the whole thing was scrupulously clued, fair and an excellent puzzle from Kruger, just hard.

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