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Financial Times 13,876 by Dogberry

Posted by PeeDee on December 14th, 2011


A straightforward and enjoyable crossword with nothing controversial that I can see.  Thank you Dogberry.

CLUE OF THE DAY – as an experiment I have included a ‘clue of the day’ poll with todays blog.  Click the ‘vote’ link by your favourite of today’s clues to vote.   You can come back any time to view the results so far.

I would be grateful if you could let me know if this experimental feature works OK, especially if you are using a Mac or an iPad etc.

Hold mouse over a clue number to read the clue.

1 POLYMATH vote P-OATH (p-profanity) around MY (Dogberry’s) Left reversed – definition is ‘all-rounder’
5 EDITOR vote TIDE (season) reversed (return) and OR (yellow) – definition is book’s overseer
9 CONTRACT vote Double definition
10 EMBALM vote MBA (postgrad qualification) in ELM (wood)
12 ENSUE vote Union in SEEN*
13 TURBULENT vote TURN BLUE* – either of ‘troublesome’ or ‘troubledly’ will suffice as a definition, and either as an anagram indicator. Take your pick I think.
14 BATHOS vote Oscar (letter in phonetic alphabet) in BATHS (examples of spa towns) – definition is ‘anticlimax’
16 PETUNIA vote TUNIs (capital city) missing S (seconds) in PEA (vegetable) – definition is ‘flower’
19 ANEURIN vote I (1 Roman numeral) RUE (regret) reversed inside ANN (girl) – Welsh forename
21 SPRING vote Double definition
23 HYDROFOIL vote Hot DRY* OF OIL (fuel)
25 BELCH vote reBEL CHieftain – ‘report’ is a noise
26 LIMPID vote IMPI (a group of Zulu warriors, fighting team) inside LD (lord) – definition is ‘clear’
27 HANGOVER vote niGht (mid-night) inside HANOVER (anglicesed spelling of Hannover) – definition is ‘the morning after’
28 RASHER vote Double definition
1 PICKET vote PICT (ancient Briton) surrounding (defending) King Edward (first letter of)
2 LANDSCAPE vote LANDS (captures) CAPE (overgarment)
3 MARGE vote Double definition – Marge Simpson (wife of Homer Simpson) and margarine
4 TACITUS vote (CUT IT AS)* – ancient Roman historian
6 DAMBUSTER vote DUSTER (cloth) covers (clothes) A MB (medic) – definition is ‘heroic pilot’
7 TRACE vote CART (haul) reversed (over) Electronic
8 REMITTAL vote MITT (glove) inside REAL (authentic)
11 DROP vote Double definition – small drink and ‘to get rid of’
15 HARMONISE vote HARM (damage) and IS getting inside (disturbing) ONE
17 NINE LIVES vote LI (51, Roman numerals) inside NINEVEh (biblical city, almost finished) and Second – definition is ‘cat’s allocation’
18 BACHELOR vote BACH (composer) and ROLE reversed – definition is ‘independent male’
20 NEON vote found in oNE ONe
21 SULTANA vote tANTALUS* (losing head, top letter)
22 THIRST vote Tate (original = first letter of) Damian HIRST (artist)
24 DUMAS vote Double definition – Alexandre Dumas novelist(s) and Russian goverment bodies
25 BEGUM vote EG (for example, say) inside BUM (vagrant) – a generic title refering to an Asian noble woman


3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,876 by Dogberry”

  1. maagran says:

    4D CUT IT AS should be (CUT IT AS)*
    Thanks for the review

  2. PeeDee says:

    Corrected, thanks.

  3. Diagacht says:

    For 13a we have the anagram of TURN and BLUE but we also need an initial T (time) otherwise we are a letter short

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