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Independent 7,851 / Dac

Posted by RatkojaRiku on December 14th, 2011


I was looking forward to a Dac puzzle this Wednesday morning and I was not disappointed: a set of tightly clued entries with fathomable wordplay, yet enough of a challenge to tease the old grey matter over breakfast.

The last solutions to slot into place were two pairs of intersecting answers: one at 8 and 10 and the other at 21 and 27, with the short form at 21 catching me well and truly off guard. I am not sure that I have explained the wordplay at 24 correctly, the “some say” in the definition at 12, or the use of “former” in the wordplay at 16 – any correction or confirmation would be appreciated. Done – thank you! My favourite clues today are 6 and 8 for their & lit. components and 4 for its smooth surface.

After the drubbing that I suffered at the hands of Nestor last week, my thanks go to Dac for easing this poor solver’s bruised ego.

*(…) indicates an anagram


1   WASP WAS P<iano> (=made little noise, apparently; piano means soft in music); a Wasp is a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, hence “middle class American”
4   WALL STREET <e>LSTREE (=studio in England; “not the first” means first letter is dropped) in WALT (=Disney); Wall Street is a 1987 film starring Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen and Daryl Hannah
9   MALAYSIA MA (=mother) + homophone of “lazier” (=less inclined to work)
10   PRIMER P (=page) + RIME (=archaic poem) + R<eading> (“front of” means first letter only)
11   WITH OPEN ARMS <churc>H (“finally” means last letter only) in *(WOMAN PRIEST); “newly-trained” is anagram indicator; & lit.
14   SIERRA Double definition: SIERRA is “model of car from Ford” AND “range” of mountains
16   REVIEWED REVIE (=former soccer manager, i.e. Don Revie (1927-1989) of Leeds United and England; “former” must mean late, deceased) + WED (=Sheffield club briefly; i.e. abbreviation of (Sheffield) Wednesday)
17   QUISLING QUI (=in France who, i.e. the French word for who) + SLING (=rope); a quisling is one who helps the enemy, a collaborator, named after Vidkun Quisling, Norwegian prime minister during German occupation
19   LATHER H (=hot) in LATER (=subsequently)
20   CONDUCTIVITY [ON + DUCT (=channel) + IV (=4)] in CITY (=London-based)
23   DOMINO *(IN MOOD); “to repair” is anagram indicator; a domino is a long cloak of black silk, used at masked balls
25   CROTCHET CROTCHET<y> (=bad-tempered; “mostly” means last letter is dropped)
26   CHANGELESS ANGEL (=financial backer) in CHESS (=stage musical, with lyrics by Tim Rice)
27   BATS Reversal (“setback”) of “stab” (=go, i.e. attempt)
2   AVARICIOUS [A + R (=king)] in [A + VICIOUS (=cruel)]
3   PEACH PE (=Physical Exercise) + A (=adult) + CH (=children)
4   WESTPHALIAN ES (=French art, i.e. the French word for (thou) art) in *(WITH A PLAN); “rogue” is anagram indicator
5   LEARNER R (=runs, i.e. in cricket) in LEANER (=Pisa’s tower, i.e. the Leaning Tower of Pisa)
6   SUP S<l>U<r>P; “regularly” means alternate letters only are used; & lit.
7   REINSPECT REIN (=check) + [P<upils> in SECT (=class)]; “principally” means first letter only is used; Ofsted is the official UK body responsible for conducting school inspections
8   EXES <thes>E (“ultimately” means last letter only) + SEX (=lovemaking; “up” indicates vertical reversal); & lit.
12   REVELATIONS ELATION (=great joy) in REVS (=clerics, i.e. reverends); the Book of Revelation – or Revelations, as “some say” – is the last book of the New Testament
13   RESENTMENT RE-SENT (=once again dispatched) + MEN (=soldiers) + T<he> (“front” means first letter only is used)
15   RESECTION *(O + IN SECRET); “performed” is anagram indicator; “with extra oxygen (=O)” means that the letter “o” is added to the anagram
18   GOUACHE Homophone (“we’re told”) of “goo” (=slimy substance)
+ “ash” (=wood)
21   VOCAB CA (=about) in [V (=very) + O (=old) + B (=book)]
22   DOSH DO (=swindle) + SH (=keep it quiet)
24   ORE ORE<gon> (“from US state”, i.e. part of or abbreviation for)


9 Responses to “Independent 7,851 / Dac”

  1. Uncle Yap says:

    When I solved this earlier today, I made a mental note to visit here because in Times, MALAYA was an answer and here, 9Across was MALAYSIA. A double whammy!!

    Many years ago, in rpc, the winner of a clueing competition which I moderated was
    Set sail, May, to a tropical paradise (8) submitted by Dr Kamal Shah

    Thanks RatkojaRiku for the blog and thanks Dac for the (as usual) enjoyable mid-week puzzle

  2. MikeC says:

    Thanks RatkojaRiku and Dac. An enjoyable puzzle.

    RatkojaRiku, I think you’ve covered everything correctly: the only possible “refinement” that I can see is that the “some say” in 12 could also be taken to refer to the fact that there is apparently some dispute about whether Revelation(s) properly belongs in the NT. But that’s getting somewhat esoteric. Your simpler explanation is fine by me!

  3. nmsindy says:

    Thanks RatkojaRiku and Dac. Excellent puzzle as always – some quite easy, some much trickier with good misdirection. While by no means an authority on these matters, my take on the ‘some say’ in REVELATIONS was the same as MikeC in #2. I’d have said the ‘former’ in the reference to Don Revie was just that he is not a manager now, rather than referring to the fact he has passed on. The EXES clue was quite amusing.

  4. NealH says:

    I thought this was Dac on excellent form. 4 across was brilliant – the seamless integration of film and studio was very deceptive. I also liked the &lits at 6 and 9.

  5. Cumbrian says:

    Thanks to Dac and RatkojaRiku. I liked this a lot, and walked straight in to the trap at 4a; even once I’d convinced myself the answer could only be WALL STREET, it still took a while for the penny to drop and to separate “film” and “studio”. I keep reminding myself to take off the blinkers! I also liked 4d for the groan factor of “French art” being “es”.

  6. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, RatkojaRiku.

    Usual fine puzzle from Dac. EXES, REINSPECT and WALL STREET with its clever construction were favourites today.

    I’d always understood WASP to refer to ethnicity and religious background rather than class, but Dac’s definition is there right enough in the SOED.

  7. Allan_C says:

    Having failed to separate “upper” from “crust” in Punk’s offering yesterday I was on my toes today and “film studio” presented no problems.

    Regarding 12d I simply took it at face value. Actually the full title (in the King James version, anyway) is “The Revelation of St John the Divine” and “Revelation” is the usual way of referring to it. No idea when it picked up the extra S, but it’s found in Oscar Wilde’s “A Woman of No Importance”:
    Lord Illingworth. ….let us stay here. The Book of Life begins with a man and a woman in a garden.
    Mrs Allonby. It ends with Revelations.

  8. flashling says:

    I found this a bit of a struggle for a Dac, got there but… re WASP – I still can’t get out of my head an 80’s American rock group called W.A.S.P. who said it stood for We Are Sexual Perverts! 15d Resection was not a word I can recall despite working for the NHS. Anyway cheers RR and Dac.

  9. RatkojaRiku says:

    Many thanks for the comments and for picking up on the points raised in my introduction.

    Yes, I too ought to have mentioned the clever splitting of “film studio” in 4 as being among my favourite features of this puzzle – I had intended to but then it got overlooked.

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