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Financial Times 13,868 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on December 15th, 2011

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/5 Dec

Another fine crossword  by Dante.

1 CASHMERE Fabric obtained for ready money only
    CASH (ready money) + MERE (only)
5 BYPATH Rarely taken walk
    Cryptic definition
    I really like walking, do it every Sunday.  Never seen a bypath though.
9 FACE PACK Confront Wolves, say, in the mud
    FACE (confront) + PACK (wolves, say)
10 ASTERN A hard back for sailors
    A + STERN (hard), the definition being ‘back for sailors’
12 ILIAD Classic appearing in 151AD
    I (1) + LI (51) + AD
13 INSPECTOR Official reformer of prison etc
14   SNICKS They may be more than a touch unlucky for some batsmen
    Cryptic definition
16 RIDDLED Cleric angered about being screened
    RILED (angered) about DD (cleric, Doctor of Divinity)
19 ILL FAME The notoriety only a hypochondriac would enjoy
    Kind of cryptic definition
21 COYOTE Beast retiring with a broken toe
    COY (retiring) + (TOE)*
23 SOLITAIRE Game bird
    Double definition
25 FENCE Criminal may be 21 down
    Probably a double definition
26 RESIST Is among those left to fight
    IS inside REST (those left)
27 ARRANGED   Fixed the score to suit the players
    Cryptic definition, alluding to a musical score
28 PARODY Staff taken in by salary – it’s a travesty
    ROD (staff) inside PAY (salary)

One to perform afterwards for a devoted fan

    I (one) + DO ( to perform) + LATER (afterwards)
1 COFFIN Dead man’s chest
    Cryptic definition
2 SECTIONAL In parts coastline is rocky
3 MOPED Bike was blue
    Double definition, with two different pronunciations
4 RECOILS Goes back after being fired
    Cryptic definition
6 YESTERDAY Wild-eyed satyr of most recent history
7 AGENT Factor eliminated by direct dealing
    Double definition, or is it meant to be cryptic one?
8 HUNDREDS Centuries old political divisions
    Double definition
11   TSAR A good man elevated to king and emperor
    TS A (reversal of A ST (a good man)) + R (king, Rex)
15 CHASTISED At chess I’d moved and switched
    (AT CHESS I’D)*
    What about the definition here?
17 LATE NIGHT   At length I made good – at the eleventh hour?
    (AT LENGTH I)*
18 AIRSTRIP Aircraft base advertises tour
    AIRS (advertises) + TRIP (tour)
20 EVIL Be overthrown – that’s bad
    Famous reversal of LIVE (be)
21 CLEARED Brightened up when found not guilty
    Double definition
22 LEADER Editorial boss
    Double definition
24 LOSER Does he keep to the beaten track?
    Cryptic definition
25 FRAIL Too delicate to use loud abuse
    F (loud) + RAIL (abuse)


5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,868 – Dante”

  1. Arachne says:

    Have decided to keep you company for a second in this draughty little corner, Sil, as the tumbleweeds blow past…

    Nice puzzle, as always, from Dante.

    15dn – I think the definition ‘switched’ = ‘struck with a switch’ is fine. As you probably know, the English have an entire armoury of often makeshift weapons, including the switch, with which to chastise people – it’s part of our rich heritage, much treasured by some former public schoolboys, the odd Formula 1 boss, and the Daily Mail.

  2. Bamberger says:

    I couldn’t understand swtiched=chastised either and still not convinced by explanation above. Is “switch” in common usage?

  3. Arachne says:

    I agree, Bamberger, that it’s not in common use these days, but it’s in Chambers as a transitive verb “to strike with a switch”.

  4. TonyP17 says:

    I know this is months after the event but I always try to go over Dante’s Monday crosswords when I cannot complete them. I can see I really should have managed more than I did.

    You will find that you have the wrong clue for 29a with 28a repeated.

  5. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Oops, thanks TonyP17.
    Funny that no one else saw that.
    Not even our beloved Arachne …. :)

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