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Financial Times 13,878 / Hamilton

Posted by shuchi on 16th December 2011


A puzzle of two halves for me. The bottom filled in fast while the top remained blank, till 7a gave me a breakthrough after looking up the French word for ‘queen’.

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Independent 7853/Phi

Posted by John on 16th December 2011


For some reason I was unusually quick on this crossword, solving over half the clues on an initial read-through, something that doesn’t often happen. So I would say what a nice crossword, wouldn’t I. None of the answers then held me up for any length of time — although 3dn was a little tricky and I didn’t immediately understand it. And I shall have to check 4dn because the people, probably Shakespearean, are not ones I’m all that clear about.

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Guardian 25,507 / Gordius

Posted by duncanshiell on 16th December 2011


I tend to associate Friday with the more challenging end of the Guardian puzzle spectrum, so I was slightly surprised to see a Gordius crossword when I logged onto the Guardian website this morning.

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