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Independent 7848 (Sat 10-Dec-2011) by Nimrod

Posted by beermagnet on 17th December 2011


After the usual gulp upon seeing Nimrod at the top of the Prize Puzzle when on blogging duty this turned out to be less evil than many of his puzzles – at least to get started.  The number of clues solved on first pass was into double figures (!) but that includes the wrong answers.  I spotted the Nina far too late for it to offer a lot of help – though it did allow me to find that pesky last answer (14).

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Guardian Prize 25,502 / Araucaria

Posted by Eileen on 17th December 2011


I think Araucaria must be saving himself for his Christmas Special – and that’s something to look forward to! This was a pleasant enough puzzle to solve but there were a lot of easy charades and insertions [8,9,12,19,23ac and 1,6,22dn, for instance] and it didn’t last nearly so long, for me, as his Prize puzzles usually do. There weren’t really any ‘aha’ moments and, altogether, I’m afraid, for me, one of Araucaria’s most loyal fans, it lacked the usual sparkle. The only one that caused any head-scratching / research was 21ac.

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Enigmatic Variations No.996 – Medium Rare by Jacques

Posted by Mister Sting on 17th December 2011

Mister Sting.

The preamble doesn’t give very much away: 12 normal clues, the answers to which require ‘adjustment’. The other clues must have a letter removed before solving. The last sentence includes the always-worrying “numbers in brackets indicate the length of grid spaces”. When you don’t know how long a clue has to be – or (much the same thing) which clues are or are not the length indicated, it makes it that much harder. Just what does Jacques have in store?

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