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Beelzebub 1138

Posted by Jed on December 18th, 2011


This compiler never disappoints – wonder how many people agree



2 Boozy concoction providing animation?   TOM AND JERRY  dd

10 Person across globe sporting Asiatic names?   ANTISCIAN   (ASIATIC N)*

12 Refuses no special cures   REISTS   RE{S}ISTS

13 Maintained? Well-maintained, expending money   KEPT

15 Outdoor game or dance I observed around Kansas   JUKSKEI    KS in JUKE I

16 Rash to imprison King’s bee-keepers?   HIVERS   R in HIVES

17 Woman left regularly here?   SHELF   SHE L{E}F{T}

18 Drive on round Rolls-Royce with one following in shock   HORRIFY   (RR I F) in HOY

23 Line out of place about London college not being well versed   ILL SEEN    LSE in (LINE)*

24 Girl in flap, returning without volume   NOELE    ELE{V}ON<

25 Murmur softly, held in strap by Madame ultimately   REPINE   P in REIN E

27 Protected legume’s utterly without one   GUARDED     GUAR DE{A)D

29 Androcles neatly encompasses such?   ESNE   androclES NEatly

30 Recoiled, getting end of rapier in leg   SHRANK   R in SHANK

31 Spice plant? Desire enclosure to contain fifty   CLOVE-TREE   L in COVET REE

32 Type of madness ends in lunacy and peculiar language Henry’s rather unwell   LYCANTHROPY   LunacY  CANT H ROPY


1 Displaying anger and hurt, he moved, wanting more land   EARTH-HUNGER  (ANGER HURT HE)*

3 Of the inner cochlea primarily   OTIC   first letters

4 Man with unknown duty in the past   MISTERY   MISTER Y

5 Flower festival shunned by European   ASTER    {E}ASTER

6 Idly stirred about objection regarding two radical groups   DIBUTYL   BUT in (IDLY)*   chemical radicals

7 Bottom card’s last  in play   JACKSY   JACKS   plaY

8 Increase in debt? Raised stink   REEKED   EKE in RED

9 Opening filled with a lot of regurgitated food is distasteful   REPELLENT    PELLE{T} in RENT

11 What’s secured  framing dispute in formal way?   STIFFNECKED    TIFF in SNECKED

14 This, this could represent your toils!   RIOTOUSLY   (YOUR TOILS)*

19 Brown cut of beef, then bring in second   FILEMOT   MO in FILET

20 English accordingly importing some grass   ESPARTO   PART in E SO

21 Adolescent cuckoo occupying half of nest   NEANIC   ANI in NE C   ani is a black cuckoo

22 Was first in modern uphill skiing style   WEDELN   (LED in NEW)<

26 Second man interrupting Queen in Surrey town   ESHER   (S HE) in ER

28 Misinterpret more than half of military expedition   WARP  WARP{ATH}

< = reverse    ( )* = anagram    dd = double definition    { } = omit

3 Responses to “Beelzebub 1138”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    FWIW I agree wholeheartedly. Is it still set on alternate weeks by Phi and Columba I wonder. Perhaps someone will say.

  2. Simon Harris says:

    Yes, I agree too.

    Regarding setters, when I started blogging Beelzebub back in 2009, Eimi was able to confirm that the puzzle was still the work of Phi and Columba. I haven’t noticed a significant change in style in that time, and Phi often drops in here, so I assume that’s still the case.

    One slight disappointment today though: the wrong grid seems to have been printed, at least in my copy of the paper. This will make blogging Beelzebub 1,139 particularly interesting!

  3. Phi says:

    Well, how can one resist such an invitation?

    Beelzebub is still 3 x me and 1 x Colin G. This was one of mine – eimi will readily confirm that I have no real idea how the 3+1 pattern works. However I did calculate I wasn’t due to do a Christmas one this year, so I assume the one in he issue dated 18 Dec will be Columba.

    I don’t get to see the puzzle for several months, when someone sends me a batch over, so I can’t comment on the grid issue, alas (though I see JACKSY escaped the blue pencil). But I think Jed may have missed a word from the clue at 21d – probably ‘about’ (I’m just being too lazy to open the file on my computer here, of course) – as I can’t see where the C comes from.

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