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Everyman 3402/11 December

Posted by Pierre on December 18th, 2011


A well-constructed entry-level puzzle from Everyman this morning, with a nice range of cluing devices and some pleasing surfaces.  Perfect for beginning and improving solvers.

cd  cryptic definition
dd  double definition
(xxxx)*  anagram
anagrind = anagram indicator
[x]  letter(s) missing


1 A stubborn type beginning to trust a lucky charm
A charade of A MULE and T for the first letter of ‘trust’.

4 Drink one with a girl after time
Another one: of T for ‘time’ and I for ‘one’, then A MARIA to give you the liqueur.

9 Choked, the lord upset about IOM race
(THE LORD)* around TT for the often fatal Isle of Man motorbike races.  ‘Upset’ is the anagrind.  The clue prompted me to find out what TT means: it’s ‘Tourist Trophy’.

11 Unusual paperback?
A dd.

12 I frame Swedish director seducing new Swedish actress
An insertion of N for ‘new’ in I GRID and BERGMAN for the Swedish producer Ingmar BERGMAN (no relation). ‘Seducing’ is the insertion indicator, presumably in the sense of ‘attracting’.  Anyway, it’s a good surface reading.  INGRID BERGMAN is probably best remembered for playing Isla Lund in Casablanca opposite Humphrey Bogart.  ‘Play it again, Sam’ is one of the famous movie misquotes; she never said that.  What she actually said was ‘Play it, Sam’.

14 Device that spins to and fro
The clue is relying on the fact that ROTATOR is a palindrome.

15 Drink, more bubbly, for top boss
A charade of SUP and (MORE)*  ‘Bubbly’ is the anagrind.

17 Hear about old shocking event
An insertion (‘about’) of AGED for ‘old’ in TRY (in its legal sense).

19 Brief increase in small dried grapes
A charade of RAIS[E] IN and S.

21 Medal winner? Initial clue required?
A clever charade of VICTOR and I ACROSS to give you the medal.

24 Child about to leave Mediterranean island
MINOR[CA].  CA is an abbreviation for ‘circa’, or ‘about’.

25 Not fully satisfied, cook eats a tin around one
(EATS A TIN I)*  ‘Cook’ is the anagrind.

26 Copy of short specification – mine smudged
A charade of SPEC and (MINE)*  ‘Smudged’ is the anagrind.

27 Perhaps fly home ahead of party
A charade of IN for ‘home’ and SECT.


1 Sadly it’s a threat, if the situation stays as it is
A clearly signposted anagram to give us plenty of starting letters for the acrosses.  (IT’S A THREAT)* and ‘sadly’ is the anagrind.

2 Just out of bed? Correct
A charade of UP for ‘out of bed’ and RIGHT for ‘correct’.

3 New titles composed for famous bass guitarist
(NEW TITLES)*  ‘Composed’ is the anagrind and it’s John ENTWISTLE, the bass guitarist in The Who, who died from a cocaine-induced heart attack in 2002.

5 Popular group struggling badly
Everyman’s on a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll mission today.  It’s IN for ‘popular’ and DIRE STRAITS for Mark Knopfler’s lot.  I’m partial to a bit of Dire Straits myself, particularly the hauntingly melancholic ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

6 Note small car on motorway
More music.  A MINIM is the musical note that’s worth two crotchets and is a charade of MINI and M for ‘motorway’.

7 Earnings, extremely remunerative on location
A charade of RE for the outside letters of RemunerativE and VENUE.

8 Supporter in mass meeting, losing head

10 Celebrity bid stupidly to secure old undergarment
(CELEBRITY BID)* around O for old; ‘stupidly’ is the anagrind.  It is indeed an old undergarment: younger solvers (if they are ready for a frisson of excitement) can find out here why Market Harborough is famous for something.

13 Pleased about half-sister being true to priniciples
An insertion of SIS for half of ‘sister’ in CONTENT.

16 Royal taken over to northern university
Since this is a down clue, Everyman’s asking you to put PRINCE for ‘royal’ over TO and N for ‘northern’ to make the New Jersey Ivy League University.

18 Further loan
A dd, relying on the English language’s capacity to have nounal and verbal meanings of the same word.

20 Cut off, one very much overdue
A charade of I and SO LATE.

22 A dog may be company on rig at sea
A charade of CO and (RIG)*  ‘At sea’ is the anagrind.

23 Prophet from Arabia – Moses?
And finally a hidden answer: it’s in ArabiA MOSes.

Fine stuff from Everyman, thank you as always.

2 Responses to “Everyman 3402/11 December”

  1. crosser says:

    Thanks, Pierre. Yes, this was straightforward but I needed your help in understanding how 21 across worked. It turned out to be a very good clue, in my opinion.

  2. Davy says:

    Thanks Pierre,

    I thought this was the easiest Everyman in a long while but still entertaining and full of good clues. I particularly liked INGRID BERGMAN, TRAGEDY (excellent surface), VICTORIA CROSS (liked 1 Across), INSATIATE and IN DIRE STRAITS. Thanks Everyman.

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