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Financial Times 13,874 – Crux

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on December 20th, 2011

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Dec 12

This was a very good Crux , one that took a lot more time to solve than usual. 

Please keep in mind that I will not be able to respond to any comments before the end of year. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR  to everyone!

1 LOOPHOLES Escapes (legally!) using gaps in wall
    Double definition
6 NOISE Kind of pollution one gets in respiratory tract
    I inside NOSE (respiratory tract)
9 MARAT Scholar, turncoat and murdered radical
    MA (scholar) + RAT (turncoat)
    Jean Paul MARAT was a French revolutionary leader (born in Switzerland) who was a leader in overthrowing the Girondists and was stabbed to death in his bath by Charlotte Corday (1743-1793). Those were the days, my friend ……
10    BACK WHEEL   A farthing on Victorian transport?
    Cryptic definition
    The Victorian transport is, of course, a penny farthing. The BACK WHEEL being the farthing which is smaller than a penny. See our friend Wikipedia:  penny farthing
11 TOWN HOUSES      MPs’ second homes, perhaps
    Cryptic definition (as far as I can see)
    If there is an MP called TOWNHOUSE, this is a good clue. Is there one? Otherwise the s’ attached to MP seems odd to me.  Perhaps I am missing something?
12 PEER Lord Peter sacrificed what, ultimately?
    PE[t]ER – [wha]T being sacrificed (ie deleted)
14 ADMIRES Misread, tragically, what a lover does
15 SALTIRE Old sailor, one about to get cross
    SALT (old sailor) + I (one) + RE (about)
17 TINFOIL Rolled metal, useless for fencing
    Cryptic definition
19 BLAZERS Fire risks in evidence at Henley regatta?
    Double definition
20 RAIL Bird that was once British
    A RAIL is a bird and we had once British RAIL
22 HOBBY HORSE    A morris-dancer’s obsession
    Double definition (in the &Lit category)
25 ORDERLIES Junior soldiers in command – don’t believe them!
    ORDER (command) + LIES (don’t believe them!)
26 USAGE University guru finds employment
    U (University) + SAGE (guru)
27 NEARS Lone arsonist gets closer inside
    Hidden solution:  [lo]NE ARS[onist]
28    ENTREATED Nurse, in dire need, organised petition
    TREAT (nurse) inside (NEED)*
1 LIMIT It goes under short leg, say, for a boundary
    IT placed under LIM[b] (‘leg, say’ cut short)
2 OARSWOMEN They rarely row with the opposite sex
    Cryptic definition
    Initially I had here ‘Gentle/men’ which I thought would be perfectly all right as a cryptic definition.
3 HIT THE ROOF    See red, if her tooth should come out
4 LABOURS A party’s slaves
    LABOUR (a party) ‘S
5 SECRETS The mysteries of religious teaching in schools
    RE (religious teaching) inside SECTS (schools)
6 NEWS Four points given for intelligence
    All four compass points: N E W S
7 IRENE Anger conceals extremes of emotion for her
    IRE (anger) around E[motio]N
8 ENLARGERS They blow up king and generals in a revolution
    (R (king) + GENERALS)*
    Splendid clue, with a definition that suits the surface brilliantly.
13 BLEAK HOUSE    Book depressing accommodation
    BLEAK (depressing) + HOUSE (accommodation)
    Here I went wrong, entering ‘Black House’ (book by Stephen King), making life quite hard at 19ac.
14 AFTERNOON The PM for a No Ten revolution
    (FOR A NO TEN)*
    Very nice clue!
16    INEBRIANT   Whisky, for example, from NE Britain
18 LEONINE Like a cat pedigree, including one variety
    LINE (pedigree) around (ONE)*
19 BABYSIT Mind what you do when parents are out
    Cryptic definition
21 INDIA Popular support up country
    IN + DIA (reversal of AID (support))
23 EMEND Englishmen take note, get rid of faults
    E (English) MEN + D (note)
    Englishmen has to be split into English/Men
24 IRIS A goddess of Erin? Not quite
    A goddess (IRIS) that is almost IRISH (of Erin)

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