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Financial Times 13881 Armonie

Posted by scchua on December 20th, 2011


This is an easy-going puzzle to start the FT week with.  A few misdirections, and one definition that I hope I’ve got right.  Thanks Armonie.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  The picture set at the bottom has an unidentified link with the crossword, and within itself.


1 Confine temper when the game is safe (5,6)

CLOSE SEASON :  CLOSE(confine,shut as a verb) SEASON(to mitigate,moderate,temper as in “to season one’s admiration with reticence”)

Defn:  The period when hunters are not allowed to hunt, and, hence, when the game,their quarry is safe from them

7 Gently wipe fish (3)

DAB :  Double defn.

9 Illuminated note in volume (5)

LITRE :  LIT(illuminated) RE(the syllable used for the second tone,note of a diatonic scale, after “do”.  Or a “drop of golden sun”)

10 Troop keeps absorbent material for gun (9)

FLINTLOCK :  FLOCK(a collective noun for a group of animals, including humans,troop,band) containing(keeps) LINT(absorbent material used in eg. dressing wounds, derived in name and made from linen)

Defn:  An old fashioned gun named after the firing mechanism

11 Novice splits Polish metal plate (5,4)

SHEET IRON :  TIRO(novice) contained in(splits) SHEEN(polish,shine as a noun)

12 Weaken after losing pounds in Germany (5)

ESSEN :  “Lessen”(weaken,diminish) minus(after losing) “L”(£,sign for pound sterling)

Defn:  Town in Germany once famous for steel production and ammunition and armaments manufacturing


13 A network under discussion (2,5)

AT ISSUE :  A TISSUE(a network, eg. a tissue of lies)

15 Stern parent (4)

REAR :  Double defn:  1st: The back part,rear of the boat,the stern; and 2nd: To raise,bring up,rear children,parent as a verb

18 Animal runs after snake (4)

BOAR :  BOA(constrictor,large snake that, well, consticts its prey to death) R(runs as in cricketing notation) 

20 Charlie gets poorer daily (7)

CLEANER :  C(represented by “Charlie” in the phonetic alphabet) LEANER(poorer,less opulent)

Defn:  A worker who comes into your house to clean and do other household chores, during the day, everyday, and hence is called a daily

23 First-class match nearby (5)

ABOUT :  A(A-class,the best,first-class) BOUT(a boxing match)

24 Supply lock for siren (9)

TEMPTRESS :  TEMP(a substitute,a replacement,something held in reserve,a supply in readiness – not sure if this is the correct sense of the word) TRESS(a lock of hair)

26 Hurled bag out of festival site (9)


Defn:  A small town (population in 2001 census of less than 2800) in East Anglia, England near which is the site of the internationally renowned Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts

27 It is consumed by bronze colossus (5)

TITANIT contained in(is consumed by) TAN(as a verb, to get to a bronze colour or as a noun, the colour itself)

28 Supplies some skittles (3)

KITHidden in(some) sKITtles

29 Blossom makes church official initially feel let down (11)

ELDERFLOWER :  ELDER(one of the governing officials of the church) F(first letter,initially of “feel”) LOWER(let down,bring to a level nearer the centre of the earth)

Defn:  Flower,blossom of the elder or elderberry shrub/small tree


1 Huge deficit in fuel (8)

COLOSSAL :  LOSS(deficit,shortfall) contained in(in) COAL(fossil fuel)

2 Antihero disrupted broadcasting (2,3,3)

ON THE AIRAnagram of(disrupted) ANTIHERO

3 Ethiopian leader opening tournament (5)

EVENT :  E(first letter,leader of “Ethiopian”) VENT(an opening)

Defn:  A competitive event,tournament

4 Ref once failed to put into effect (7)

ENFORCEAnagram of(failed) REF ONCE

5 Evildoer gets around quiet cricketer (7)

SPINNER :  SINNER(evil/wrongdoer containing(gets around) P(abbrev. for piano, musical instruction to play in a quiet manner)

Defn:  For non-cricketing fans, a bowler who throws a spinning ball to the batter.

6 Men dare to change in cathedral (5,4)

NOTRE DAMEAnagram of(change) MEN DARE TO

7 Cynical about operations for illness (6)

DROPSY :  DRY(sarcastic,mocking,ironic,cynical as in “dry wit”, “dry humour”) containing(about) OPS(short form of operations, as in “black ops”)

Defn:  Oedema/edema, a condition,illness characterized by swelling caused by accumulation of watery fluid in animal body cells, tissues and cavities


8 Ridin’ on island in the Pacific (6)

BIKINI :  BIKIN’(shortened form of biking,riding, a literary device mostly used in order to provide a rhyme) placed before(on, in a down clue) I(island)

Defn:  The atoll in the Pacific Ocean, former site of nuclear bomb tests

Bikini Atoll

14 Go away with list that can be bagged (9)

SHOOTABLE :  SHOO(go away!,off with you!) plus(with) TABLE(list of items)

Defn:  That can be shot,bagged as with game, another hunting reference, cf 1Across

16 Nut rowed out into awkward current (8)


17 Nosy parker adopts child of convict (8)

PRISONER :  PRIER(one who pries,nosy parker) containing(adopts) SON(child)

19 Left embarrassed about exhaust (7)

RETIRED :  RED(embarrassed complexion) containing(about) TIRE(exhaust as a verb)

20 Insect repellent affected some horses (7)

CAMPHOR :  CAMP(descriptive of affected behaviour, that which is artificial, vulgar and put-on.  Is it PC to say also descriptive of homosexuals, as given in Collins?) HOR(some,the first 3 letters of “horses”)

Defn:  A tough gummy aromatic compound derived from the wood and bark of the camphor tree, can be used as an insect repellent.  A camphorwood chest is great for keeping clothes safe from cloth-eating moths and other bugs.

21 Mother’s request for fabric (6)

DAMASK :  DAM(mother) ASK(request)

Defn:  A reversible fabric with a pattern woven into it

22 Wait for veteran to strike out (4,2)

HOLD IT :  HIT(to strike) containing(out) OLD(veteran as an adjective)

25 Shot a sovereign? That’s undisputed! (5)

TOTAL :  TOT(a small measure of liquid spirits,eg. a shot of whiskey) [A L](a sovereign,an old coin valued at 1 pound,£,L)

Defn:  Absolute,that’s undisputed


      Glynebourne 1946 - The Rape of Lucretia


4 Responses to “Financial Times 13881 Armonie”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Armonie for a pleasant puzzle and scchua for the blog.

    12ac and 8dn: The use of “in Germany” / “in the Pacific” seems to be accepted widely these days, but I can see no good reason not to include the word “here” before the relevant phrase in each clue.

    5dn: For cricketing fans, to say “a bowler who throws” is a serious accusation of cheating. Perhaps “delivers” would be an acceptable and understandable alternative.

  2. Ferret says:

    Your first picture is a familiar landmark on the beach at 26A….and the subject of the memorial would be the connection?

  3. scchua says:

    Hi Ferret, yes, you’re right about the connection from 26A to the landmark and then to the subject, and the other pictures connect to the subject. Well done! (Besides the landmark, there are also other connections between the subject and 26A)

  4. Bamberger says:

    All correct without aids except for 8d where the island of bukinn “bucking” was invented.

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